GNU ethical repository criteria

We developed these criteria to judge services for hosting parts of the GNU operating system, but we recommend them to everyone that wants to use a service for publicly hosting free source code (and optionally executable programs too). The criteria emphasize protection of privacy, functionality without nonfree JavaScript, compatibility with copyleft licensing and philosophy, and not rejecting any users.

GNU also maintains evaluations of code-hosting sites by the standards of these criteria. If you'd like to help us evaluate more sites or update existing evaluations as sites improve (or worsen) their scores, join the repo-criteria-discuss mailing list.

You can also help us by providing feedback on our proposed updates to the repo criteria.

Version 1.1

F — Unacceptable

C — Acceptable hosting for a GNU package

B — Good enough to recommend

The above criteria, plus:

A — Excellent

The above criteria, plus:

A+ — Extra credit

The above criteria, plus:


The following individuals have helped as evaluators or otherwise contributed ideas, suggestions and improvements to this document.

If you are interested in helping with the evaluation or have any corrections, please contact

If you are interested in helping to make code hosting sites LibreJS compliant (C0.0 and B0 criteria), please contact Mike Gerwitz at <>.