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GNU Rot[t]log is the GNU log management utility. It was originally authored in 2000 by Stefano Falsetto on Slackware to rotate his logs. It was later added in 2002 to become a GNU Project.


Current release:
SHA256: a7cdb1f5a70d4cf4c86060f2485b10a1b968158d081bb9c7cc123841d3aaa11c  rottlog-0.72.2.tar.gz

Releases previous to 0.71 are found at

Test releases (and 0.71 releases) are found at


Rot[t]log documentation can be found at You may also find more information about Rot[t]log by running info rottlog on your system.


For mailing lists, downloads, bug tracking, support requests, etc., please visit the savannah page.

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