Chapter 12. Built-in classes

Table of Contents
12.1. Fundamental Classes
12.2. Tuples
12.3. The SYS Class
12.4. Object Finalization: $FINALIZE
12.5. Basic Classes and Literal Forms
12.6. Library Conventions

This section provides a short description of classes that are a part of every Sather implementation and which may not be modified. The detailed semantics and precise interface are specified in the class library documentation.

12.1. Fundamental Classes

There are a handful of classes that are specially recognized by the compiler and are implicitly and explicitly used in most Sather code.

12.1.1. $OB

'$OB' is automatically a supertype of every type. Variables declared to be of this type may hold any object. It has no features.

12.1.2. Array support

Sather objects may have an array portion, which is specified by including either the primitive reference of value array