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11.7 Redisplay

Command: allpartial state

If set to on, only the current cursor line is refreshed on window change. This affects all windows and is useful for slow terminal lines. The previous setting of full/partial refresh for each window is restored with allpartial off. This is a global flag that immediately takes effect on all windows overriding the partial settings. It does not change the default redraw behavior of newly created windows.

Command: altscreen state

If set to on, "alternate screen" support is enabled in virtual terminals, just like in xterm. Initial setting is ‘off’.

Command: partial state

Defines whether the display should be refreshed (as with redisplay) after switching to the current window. This command only affects the current window. To immediately affect all windows use the allpartial command. Default is ‘off’, of course. This default is fixed, as there is currently no defpartial command.

Command: redisplay

(C-a l, C-a C-l)
Redisplay the current window. Needed to get a full redisplay in partial redraw mode.