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3.4.10 Mandel Server

[ Example Mandelbrot picture. ]
Mandelbrot Set General description

The distributed Mandelbrot server is an Internet server completely written in Guile with the help of the API provided by the underlying Serveez application. The reader will not see any occurrence of the networking API of Guile.

It implements a protocol called ‘dnc’. ‘dnc’ - short for “Distributed Number Cruncher”. The Mandelbrot server manages the computation of a graphic visualization of the Mandelbrot set fractal. Each client can connect to the server and ask for something to calculate and is meant to send its result back to the server. Finally the server produces a bitmap in the XPM format and uses a specified viewer application to bring it onto your screen. Configuration

The server can be setup to manage the calculation of the Mandelbrot set at various locations (rectangular region in the complex plane), in a specific pixel resolution and colour depth. Moreover you can define the name of the final output file and the viewer application the output file is displayed with.

start (string, default: -2.0-1.5i)

Specifies the upper left corner of the final bitmap in the complex plane.

end (string, default: +1.1+1.5i)

Specifies the lower right corner of the final bitmap in the complex plane.

x-res (integer, default: 320)

The real part pixel resolution.

y-res (integer, default: 240)

The imaginary part pixel resolution.

colors (integer, default: 256)

Number of maximum colours used in the bitmap. Also determines the maximum iteration depth.

outfile (string, default: mandel.xpm)

When the Mandel server has managed to calculate the whole bitmap it produces an output file in the XPM format. You can specify the name and location of this output file.

viewer (string, default: xv)

Here you can setup your favourite bitmap viewer application. It should be able to parse and display the XPM format.

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