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3.4.5 SNTP Server General

The SNTP server can be queried with the ‘netdate’ command. It is used to synchronize time and dates between Internet hosts. The protocol is described in the ARPA Internet RFC 868. Thus it is not really an SNTP server as described by RFC 2030 (Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) Version 4 for IPv4, IPv6 and OSI). It is rather an excellent example on how to implement a UDP server in Serveez.

This protocol provides a site-independent, machine readable date and time. The Time service sends back time in seconds since midnight on January first 1900.

One motivation arises from the fact that not all systems have a date/time clock, and all are subject to occasional human or machine error. The use of time-servers makes it possible to quickly confirm or correct a system’s idea of the time, by making a brief poll of several independent sites on the network. Configuration

The configuration of this server does not require any item.