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This section contains functions dealing with the list of known servers in the core library of Serveez, also with the basics like creation and destruction of such servers.

Function: void svz_foreach_server (svz_server_do_t *func, void *closure)

Call func for each server, passing additionally the second arg closure.

Function: svz_server_t * svz_server_find (void *cfg)

Find a server instance by the given configuration structure cfg. Return NULL if there is no such configuration in any server instance.

Function: svz_array_t * svz_server_clients (svz_server_t *server)

Return a list of clients (socket structures) which are associated with the given server instance server. If there is no such socket, return NULL. Caller should svz_array_destroy the returned array.

Function: svz_server_t * svz_server_get (char *name)

Get the server instance with the given instance name name. Return NULL if there is no such server yet.

Function: int svz_updn_all_servers (int direction)

If direction is non-zero, run the initializers of all servers, returning -1 if some server did not think it is a good idea to run. Otherwise, run the local finalizers for all server instances.