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Using Aspell with Tetum

If all went well with the install run using the --master option:
You may use tetun or tetum to identify the master wordlist (dictionary).


A plain text file:

$ aspell --master tetum check filename-to-check.txt


$ aspell --master tetum -c filename-to-check.txt

An sgml / html file:

$ aspell --master tetun -H -c filename-to-check.html

For more complete information:
(and explanations)
$ man aspell
and or
$ info aspell
Check your system for: /usr/share/doc/aspell-doc(or similar) for a manual in postscript or html format, and look at theAspell site for the latest versions.

A final hint:

Add some convenience aliases to your ~/.bashrc
for example:
##### Tetum Aliases #####
# this runs aspell set for tetum
alias aspelltet='aspell --master tetun'
# the following 2 entries are for using the Tetum translating dictionaries

alias teteng='dict --database tet-eng-dictionary'
alias engtet='dict --database eng-tet-dictionary'

# call a local version of aspell
alias asl='/usr/local/bin/aspell'
#### End tetum aliases

reload bash:
(just type bash and hit enter)


$ aspelltet -c filename-to-check

Peter Gossner
Last modified: Sun May 30 22:33:36 CST 2004