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General Interface Word Lists

As most interface design is "event driven" there is a common and recurring set of phrases and words which are used by many applications. For example "save" save as" "close" and "exit". Here we hope to have simple listings of those phrases and their Tetun translations. The idea is to generate a basic set of phrases that may be used as defaults for most applications.

Perhaps it is important to note here that these are not dictionary definitions of the words but rather translations that relate to their usage in computer applications. That is: It should be clear in the context of clicking a button, or reading a message in an application.

The Words List

We are of course very keen to add to the list. It will make it much simpler for non-Tetun speakers to write new translations or even new applications for Tetun users. (We can at least get close to the correct meaning by using this list.)

Adding to this list

To include new additions or alternatives you may :

Cut and paste the tables from this page and mail your new versions to Tetum-translators@nongnu.org

Or download a formatted file of all these words and mail us your new version.

Many Thanks to Helena Tomg (of Darwin Australia ) who contributed the first translations and got things started.


Helena Tomg, Lev Lafeyette, Cheryl Berryman, Abel Pires D.S, Peter Gossner

Unfortunately Spammers have made it necessary to vet each message from non project members by hand. This may take some little time. To subscribe to the Tetun Project mailing list please visit: https://savannah.gnu.org/mail/?group=tetum or http://mail.nongnu.org/mailman/listinfo/tetum-translators

en: abort tet: para or hapara

en: about tet: kona-ba

en: access tet: Asesu

en: add tet: Tau tan

en: applet tet: Aplicasaun ki'ik

en: application tet: Aplicasaun

en: apply tet: Aplica

en: bold tet: Mahar

en: button tet: Butaun

en: case tet: Kazu

en: character tet: Lisan

en: chat tet: Chat

en: clear tet: Hamos

en: configuration tet: Configurasaun

en: configure tet: Configura

en: connect tet: Liga

en: connection tet: Ligasaun

en: copy tet: kopia

en: cut tet: ko'a or tesi

en: default tet: Nanis

en: delete tet: Apaga

en: enable tet: Halo-bele

en: english tet: Ingles

en: entry tet: Hatama

en: erase tet: Hamos

en: exit tet: sai or tet: husik

en: find tet: hetan

en: folder tet: Mapa

en: font tet: letra

en: forward tet: Harukaliu

en: general tet: Geral

en: go tet: ba

en: good tet: diak

en: hide tet: Subar

en: history tet: Istoria

en: icon tet: ilas ki'ik

en: idle tet: para-hela

en: insert tet: hatama

en: item tet: Sa-san

en: link tet: Liga-ba

en: load tet: Foti-mai

en: login tet: Tama-ba

en: logout tet: Sai-husi

en: mail tet: hakerek surat ? or: mail (eng) or: correio (por)

en: menu bar tet: atu hili

en: mount tet: tutan

en: new replace tet: troka foun

en: new tet: foun

en: next tet: tuirmai

en: notebook tet: kalerlum

en: offline tet: linha-mate

en: online tet: Linha-moris

en: open tet: loke

en: option tet: ida opsaun

en: options tet: opsaun

en: padding tet: leet

en: pager tet: tan

en: password tet: liu lia

en: paste tet: taka-kuak

en: path tet: Dalan

en: process tet: Prosesu

en: progress tet: Progressu

en: read only tet: Le-deit

en: recent tet: Foun

en: redo tet: halo-fali

en: refresh tet: Halo foun

en: release tet: Hasai

en: release notes tet:Nota hasai

en: reload tet: hatama fali

en: remove tet: Hasai

en: replace tet: Truka fah

en: request tet: Husu

en: restart tet: Komesa-fali

en: run tet: Hala'o

en: save as tet: Rai-nudar

en: save as tet: Grava-nudar

en: save tet: grava

en: save tet: Rai

en: search tet: Buka

en: select all tet: Hili-hotu

en: select tet: Hili

en: show tet: Hatudu

en: skin tet: Kulit

en: task tet: Knar

en: tasklist tet: Lista-knar

en: undo tet: La-halo

en: unload tet: La-foti

en: window tet: Janela

en: workspace tet: Knar-fatin