19 texi2any: The Translator for Texinfo

texi2any is the generic translator for Texinfo that can produce different output formats and is highly customizable. It supports these formats:

Info (by default, or with --info),
HTML (with --html),
EPUB 3 (with --epub3),
plain text (with --plaintext),
LaTeX (with --latex),
DocBook (with --docbook),
Texinfo XML (with --xml).

makeinfo is an alias for texi2any. By default, both texi2any and makeinfo generate Info output; indeed, there are no differences in behavior based on the name.

Beside these default formats, command line options to texi2any can change many aspects of the output. Beyond that, initialization files provide even more control over the final output—nearly anything not specified in the Texinfo input file. Initialization files are written in Perl, like the main program, and anything which can be specified on the command line can also be specified within a initialization file.