D.5 Updating Nodes and Menus

The texi2any command will create an Info file for a hierarchically organized Texinfo file that lacks ‘Next’, ‘Previous’ and ‘Up’ pointers (see Writing a @node Line). Thus, in general, there is no need for explicit ‘Next’, ‘Previous’, and ‘Up’ pointers. In this setting, menus will be added automatically for nodes without an explicit menu. (See texi2any: The Translator for Texinfo, for more information about texi2any.)

If you still want explicit pointers, Texinfo mode provides commands for automatically creating or updating menus and node pointers. The commands are called “update” commands because their most frequent use is for updating a Texinfo file after you have worked on it; but you can use them to insert the ‘Next’, ‘Previous’, and ‘Up’ pointers into an @node line that has none and to create menus in a file that has none.