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Appendix G Credits

Roland Pesch, then of Cygnus Support <> wrote the manual pages which were distributed with CVS 1.3. Much of their text was copied into this manual. He also read an early draft of this manual and contributed many ideas and corrections.

The mailing-list info-cvs is sometimes informative. I have included information from postings made by the following persons: David G. Grubbs <>.

Some text has been extracted from the man pages for RCS.

The CVS FAQ by David G. Grubbs has provided useful material. The FAQ is no longer maintained, however, and this manual is about the closest thing there is to a successor (with respect to documenting how to use CVS, at least).

In addition, the following persons have helped by telling me about mistakes I’ve made:

Roxanne Brunskill <>,
Kathy Dyer <>,
Karl Pingle <>,
Thomas A Peterson <>,
Inge Wallin <>,
Dirk Koschuetzki <>
and Michael Brown <>.

The list of contributors here is not comprehensive; for a more complete list of who has contributed to this manual see the file doc/ChangeLog in the CVS source distribution.