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Index Entry  Section

!, in modules file: Excluding directories

#cvs.lock, removing: Concurrency
#cvs.lock, technical details: Locks
#cvs.rfl, and backups: Backing up
#cvs.rfl, removing: Concurrency
#cvs.rfl, technical details: Locks
#cvs.tfl: Locks
#cvs.wfl, removing: Concurrency
#cvs.wfl, technical details: Locks

&, in modules file: Ampersand modules

-a, in modules file: Alias modules
-d, in modules file: Module options
-e, in modules file: Module options
-e, in modules file: Module program options
-j (merging branches): Merging a branch
-j (merging branches), and keyword substitution: Merging and keywords
-k (keyword substitution): Substitution modes
-kk, to avoid conflicts during a merge: Merging and keywords
-o, in modules file: Module options
-o, in modules file: Module program options
-s, in modules file: Module options
-t, in modules file: Module options
-t, in modules file: Module program options

.# files: update output
.bashrc, setting CVSROOT in: Specifying a repository
.cshrc, setting CVSROOT in: Specifying a repository
.cvsrc file: ~/.cvsrc
.profile, setting CVSROOT in: Specifying a repository
.tcshrc, setting CVSROOT in: Specifying a repository

/usr/local/cvsroot, as example repository: Repository

:ext:, setting up: Connecting via rsh
:ext:, troubleshooting: Connection
:extssh:, setting up: Connecting via rsh
:fork:, setting up: Connecting via fork
:gserver:, setting up: GSSAPI authenticated
:kserver:, setting up: Kerberos authenticated
:local:, setting up: Repository
:pserver:, setting up: Password authentication client
:pserver:, troubleshooting: Connection
:server:, setting up: Connecting via rsh
:server:, troubleshooting: Connection

<<<<<<<: Conflicts example

=======: Conflicts example

>>>>>>>: Conflicts example

__ files (VMS): update output

Abandoning work: Editing files
Access a branch: Accessing branches
add (subcommand): Adding files
add (subcommand): add
Adding a tag: Tags
Adding files: Adding files
Admin (subcommand): admin
Administrative files (intro): Intro administrative files
Administrative files (reference): Administrative files
Administrative files, editing them: Intro administrative files
Alias modules: Alias modules
ALL in commitinfo: commitinfo
Ampersand modules: Ampersand modules
annotate (subcommand): annotate
Atomic transactions, lack of: Concurrency
Attic: Attic
Authenticated client, using: Password authentication client
Authenticating server, setting up: Password authentication server
Authentication, stream: Global options
Author keyword: Keyword list
Automatically ignored files: cvsignore
Avoiding editor invocation: Common options

Backing up, repository: Backing up
Base directory, in CVS directory: Working directory storage
BASE, as reserved tag name: Tags
BASE, special tag: Common options
Baserev file, in CVS directory: Working directory storage
Baserev.tmp file, in CVS directory: Working directory storage
Bill of materials: Builds
Binary files: Binary files
Branch merge example: Merging a branch
Branch number: Revision numbers
Branch number: Branches and revisions
Branch tags, deleting: Modifying tags
Branch tags, moving: Modifying tags
Branch, accessing: Accessing branches
Branch, check out: Accessing branches
Branch, creating a: Creating a branch
Branch, identifying: Accessing branches
Branch, retrieving: Accessing branches
Branch, vendor-: Tracking sources
Branches motivation: Branches motivation
Branches, copying changes between: Branching and merging
Branches, sticky: Accessing branches
Branching: Branching and merging
Bringing a file up to date: Updating a file
Bugs in this manual or CVS: BUGS
Bugs, reporting: BUGS
Builds: Builds

Changes, copying between branches: Branching and merging
Changing a log message: admin options
Check out a branch: Accessing branches
Checked out copy, keeping: Keeping a checked out copy
Checking out source: Getting the source
checkout (subcommand): checkout
Checkout program: Module options
Checkout, as term for getting ready to edit: Editing files
Checkout, example: Getting the source
checkoutlist: checkoutlist
Choosing, reserved or unreserved checkouts: Choosing a model
Cleaning up: Cleaning up
Client/Server Operation: Remote repositories
Client/Server Operation, port specification: Remote repositories
Client/Server Operation, port specification: Password authentication server
co (subcommand): checkout
Command reference: Invoking CVS
Command structure: Structure
Comment leader: admin options
commit (subcommand): commit
commitinfo: commitinfo
commitinfo, command environment: commitinfo
commitinfo, working directory: commitinfo
Commits, precommit verification of: commitinfo
Committing changes to files: Committing your changes
Committing, administrative support files: commit files
Committing, when to: When to commit
Common options: Common options
Common syntax of info files: syntax
Compatibility, between CVS versions: Compatibility
Compression: Global options
Compression: Invoking CVS
COMSPEC, environment variable: Environment variables
config, in CVSROOT: config
Conflict markers: Conflicts example
Conflict resolution: Conflicts example
Conflicts (merge example): Conflicts example
Contributors (CVS program): What is CVS?
Contributors (manual): Credits
Copying a repository: Moving a repository
Copying changes: Branching and merging
Correcting a log message: admin options
Creating a branch: Creating a branch
Creating a project: Starting a new project
Creating a repository: Creating a repository
Credits (CVS program): What is CVS?
Credits (manual): Credits
CVS 1.6, and watches: Watches Compatibility
CVS command structure: Structure
CVS directory, in repository: CVS in repository
CVS directory, in working directory: Working directory storage
CVS passwd file: Password authentication server
CVS, history of: What is CVS?
CVS, introduction to: What is CVS?
CVS, versions of: Compatibility
CVS/Base directory: Working directory storage
CVS/Baserev file: Working directory storage
CVS/Baserev.tmp file: Working directory storage
CVS/Entries file: Working directory storage
CVS/Entries.Backup file: Working directory storage
CVS/Entries.Log file: Working directory storage
CVS/Entries.Static file: Working directory storage
CVS/Notify file: Working directory storage
CVS/Notify.tmp file: Working directory storage
CVS/Repository file: Working directory storage
CVS/Root file: Specifying a repository
CVS/Tag file: Working directory storage
CVS/Template file: Working directory storage
cvsadmin: admin
CVSEDITOR, environment variable: Committing your changes
CVSEDITOR, environment variable: Environment variables
CVSEDITOR, internal variable: Variables
cvsignore (admin file), global: cvsignore
CVSIGNORE, environment variable: Environment variables
CVSREAD, environment variable: Environment variables
CVSREAD, overriding: Global options
cvsroot: Repository
CVSROOT (file): Administrative files
CVSROOT, environment variable: Specifying a repository
CVSROOT, internal variable: Variables
CVSROOT, module name: Intro administrative files
CVSROOT, multiple repositories: Multiple repositories
CVSROOT, overriding: Global options
CVSROOT, storage of files: CVSROOT storage
CVSROOT/config: config
CVSROOT/Emptydir directory: Working directory storage
CVSROOT/val-tags file, and read-only access to projects: File permissions
CVSROOT/val-tags file, forcing tags into: Error messages
CVSUMASK, environment variable: File permissions
cvswrappers (admin file): Wrappers
CVSWRAPPERS, environment variable: Wrappers
CVSWRAPPERS, environment variable: Environment variables
CVS_CLIENT_LOG, environment variable: Environment variables
CVS_CLIENT_PORT: Kerberos authenticated
CVS_IGNORE_REMOTE_ROOT, environment variable: Environment variables
CVS_PASSFILE, environment variable: Password authentication client
CVS_RCMD_PORT, environment variable: Environment variables
CVS_RSH, environment variable: Environment variables
CVS_SERVER, and :fork:: Connecting via fork
CVS_SERVER, environment variable: Connecting via rsh
CVS_SERVER_SLEEP, environment variable: Environment variables
CVS_SSH, environment variable: Environment variables
CVS_USER, environment variable: Variables

Date keyword: Keyword list
Dates: Common options
Dead state: Attic
Decimal revision number: Revision numbers
DEFAULT in commitinfo: commitinfo
DEFAULT in editinfo: editinfo
DEFAULT in verifymsg: verifymsg
Defining a module: Defining the module
Defining modules (intro): Intro administrative files
Defining modules (reference manual): modules
Deleting branch tags: Modifying tags
Deleting files: Removing files
Deleting revisions: admin options
Deleting sticky tags: Sticky tags
Deleting tags: Modifying tags
Descending directories: Recursive behavior
Device nodes: Special Files
Diff: Viewing differences
diff (subcommand): diff
Differences, merging: Merging two revisions
Directories, moving: Moving directories
Directories, removing: Removing directories
Directory, descending: Recursive behavior
Disjoint repositories: Multiple repositories
Distributing log messages: loginfo
driver.c (merge example): Conflicts example

edit (subcommand): Editing files
editinfo (admin file): editinfo
Editing administrative files: Intro administrative files
Editing the modules file: Defining the module
Editor, avoiding invocation of: Common options
EDITOR, environment variable: Committing your changes
EDITOR, environment variable: Environment variables
EDITOR, internal variable: Variables
EDITOR, overriding: Global options
Editor, specifying per module: editinfo
editors (subcommand): Watch information
emerge: Conflicts example
Emptydir, in CVSROOT directory: Working directory storage
Encryption: Global options
Entries file, in CVS directory: Working directory storage
Entries.Backup file, in CVS directory: Working directory storage
Entries.Log file, in CVS directory: Working directory storage
Entries.Static file, in CVS directory: Working directory storage
Environment variables: Environment variables
environment variables, passed to administrative files: Variables
Errors, reporting: BUGS
Example of a work-session: A sample session
Example of merge: Conflicts example
Example, branch merge: Merging a branch
Excluding directories, in modules file: Excluding directories
Exit status, of commitinfo: commitinfo
Exit status, of CVS: Exit status
Exit status, of editor: Error messages
Exit status, of verifymsg: verifymsg
export (subcommand): export
Export program: Module options

Fetching source: Getting the source
File had conflicts on merge: File status
File locking: Multiple developers
File permissions, general: File permissions
File permissions, Windows-specific: Windows permissions
File status: File status
Files, moving: Moving files
Files, reference manual: Administrative files
Fixing a log message: admin options
Forcing a tag match: Common options
fork, access method: Connecting via fork
Form for log message: rcsinfo
Format of CVS commands: Structure

Getting started: A sample session
Getting the source: Getting the source
Global cvsignore: cvsignore
Global options: Global options
Group, UNIX file permissions, in repository: File permissions
gserver (client/server connection method), port specification: Remote repositories
gserver (client/server connection method), port specification: Password authentication server
GSSAPI: GSSAPI authenticated
Gzip: Global options
Gzip: Invoking CVS

Hard links: Special Files
HEAD, as reserved tag name: Tags
HEAD, special tag: Common options
Header keyword: Keyword list
history (subcommand): history
History browsing: History browsing
History file: history file
History files: Repository files
History of CVS: What is CVS?
HOME, environment variable: Environment variables
HOMEDRIVE, environment variable: Environment variables
HOMEPATH, environment variable: Environment variables

Id keyword: Keyword list
Ident (shell command): Using keywords
Identifying a branch: Accessing branches
Identifying files: Keyword substitution
Ignored files: cvsignore
IgnoreUnknownConfigKeys, in CVSROOT/config: config
Ignoring files: cvsignore
import (subcommand): import
Importing files: From files
Importing files, from other version control systems: From other version control systems
Importing modules: First import
Index: Index
inetd, configuring for pserver: Password authentication server
Info files: Trigger Scripts
Info files (syntax): syntax
Info files, security: Trigger Script Security
Informing others: Informing others
init (subcommand): Creating a repository
Installed images (VMS): File permissions
Internal variables: Variables
Introduction to CVS: What is CVS?
Invoking CVS: Invoking CVS
Isolation: History browsing

Join: Merging a branch

Keeping a checked out copy: Keeping a checked out copy
Kerberos, using :gserver:: GSSAPI authenticated
Kerberos, using :kserver:: Kerberos authenticated
Kerberos, using kerberized rsh: Connecting via rsh
Keyword expansion: Keyword substitution
Keyword List: Keyword list
Keyword substitution: Keyword substitution
Keyword substitution, and merging: Merging and keywords
Keyword substitution, changing modes: Substitution modes
Kflag: Substitution modes
kinit: Kerberos authenticated
Known bugs in this manual or CVS: BUGS
kserver (client/server connection method), port specification: Remote repositories
kserver (client/server connection method), port specification: Password authentication server

Layout of repository: Repository
Left-hand options: Global options
Linear development: Revision numbers
Link, symbolic, importing: import output
List, mailing list: What is CVS?
Locally Added: File status
Locally Modified: File status
Locally Removed: File status
LockDir, in CVSROOT/config: config
Locker keyword: Keyword list
Locking files: Multiple developers
Locks, cvs, and backups: Backing up
Locks, cvs, introduction: Concurrency
Locks, cvs, technical details: Locks
log (subcommand): log
Log information, saving: history file
Log keyword: Keyword list
Log message entry: Committing your changes
Log message template: rcsinfo
Log message, correcting: admin options
Log message, verifying: verifymsg
Log messages: loginfo
Log messages, editing: editinfo
LogHistory, in CVSROOT/config: config
Login (subcommand): Password authentication client
loginfo (admin file): loginfo
LOGNAME, environment variable: Variables
Logout (subcommand): Password authentication client

Mail, automatic mail on commit: Informing others
Mailing list: What is CVS?
Mailing log messages: loginfo
Main trunk and branches: Branching and merging
make: Builds
Many repositories: Multiple repositories
Markers, conflict: Conflicts example
Merge, an example: Conflicts example
Merge, branch example: Merging a branch
Merging: Branching and merging
Merging a branch: Merging a branch
Merging a file: Updating a file
Merging two revisions: Merging two revisions
Merging, and keyword substitution: Merging and keywords
mkmodules: Error messages
Modifications, copying between branches: Branching and merging
Module status: Module options
Module, defining: Defining the module
Modules (admin file): modules
Modules file: Intro administrative files
Modules file program options: Module program options
Modules file, changing: Defining the module
modules.db: CVSROOT storage
modules.dir: CVSROOT storage
modules.pag: CVSROOT storage
Motivation for branches: Branches motivation
Moving a repository: Moving a repository
Moving branch tags: Modifying tags
Moving directories: Moving directories
Moving files: Moving files
Moving tags: Modifying tags
Multiple developers: Multiple developers
Multiple repositories: Multiple repositories

Name keyword: Keyword list
Name, symbolic (tag): Tags
Needs Checkout: File status
Needs Merge: File status
Needs Patch: File status
Newsgroups: What is CVS?
notify (admin file): Getting Notified
Notify file, in CVS directory: Working directory storage
Notify.tmp file, in CVS directory: Working directory storage
Number, branch: Revision numbers
Number, branch: Branches and revisions
Number, revision-: Revision numbers

Option defaults: ~/.cvsrc
Options, global: Global options
Options, in modules file: Module options
Outdating revisions: admin options
Overlap: Updating a file
Overriding CVSREAD: Global options
Overriding CVSROOT: Global options
Overriding EDITOR: Global options
Overriding RCSBIN: Global options
Overriding TMPDIR: Global options
Overview: Overview
Ownership, saving in CVS: Special Files

Parallel repositories: Multiple repositories
passwd (admin file): Password authentication server
Password client, using: Password authentication client
Password server, setting up: Password authentication server
PATH, environment variable: Environment variables
Per-directory sticky tags/dates: Working directory storage
Per-module editor: editinfo
Permissions, general: File permissions
Permissions, saving in CVS: Special Files
Permissions, Windows-specific: Windows permissions
Policy: When to commit
port, specifying for remote repositories: Remote repositories
port, specifying for remote repositories: Password authentication server
Precommit checking: commitinfo
pserver (client/server connection method), port specification: Remote repositories
pserver (client/server connection method), port specification: Password authentication server
pserver (subcommand): Password authentication server
PVCS, importing files from: From other version control systems

RCS history files: Repository files
RCS revision numbers: Tags
RCS, importing files from: From other version control systems
RCS-style locking: Multiple developers
RCSBIN, in CVSROOT/config: config
RCSBIN, internal variable: Variables
RCSBIN, overriding: Global options
RCSfile keyword: Keyword list
rcsinfo (admin file): rcsinfo
rdiff (subcommand): rdiff
Read-only files, and -r: Global options
Read-only files, and CVSREAD: Environment variables
Read-only files, and watches: Setting a watch
Read-only files, in repository: File permissions
Read-only mode: Global options
Read-only repository access: Read-only access
readers (admin file): Read-only access
Recursive (directory descending): Recursive behavior
Reference manual (files): Administrative files
Reference manual for variables: Environment variables
Reference, commands: Invoking CVS
Regular expression syntax: syntax
Regular modules: Regular modules
release (subcommand): release
Releases, revisions and versions: Versions revisions releases
Releasing your working copy: Cleaning up
Remote repositories: Remote repositories
Remote repositories, port specification: Remote repositories
Remote repositories, port specification: Password authentication server
Remove (subcommand): Removing files
remove (subcommand): remove
Removing a change: Merging two revisions
Removing branch tags: Modifying tags
Removing directories: Removing directories
Removing files: Removing files
Removing tags: Modifying tags
Removing your working copy: Cleaning up
Renaming directories: Moving directories
Renaming files: Moving files
Renaming tags: Modifying tags
Replacing a log message: admin options
Reporting bugs: BUGS
Repositories, multiple: Multiple repositories
Repositories, remote: Remote repositories
Repositories, remote, port specification: Remote repositories
Repositories, remote, port specification: Password authentication server
Repository (intro): Repository
Repository file, in CVS directory: Working directory storage
Repository, backing up: Backing up
Repository, example: Repository
Repository, how data is stored: Repository storage
Repository, moving: Moving a repository
Repository, setting up: Creating a repository
RereadLogAfterVerify, in CVSROOT/config: config
Reserved checkouts: Multiple developers
Resetting sticky tags: Sticky tags
Resolving a conflict: Conflicts example
Restoring old version of removed file: Merging two revisions
Resurrecting old version of dead file: Merging two revisions
Retrieve a branch: Accessing branches
Retrieving an old revision using tags: Tags
Reverting to repository version: Editing files
Revision keyword: Keyword list
Revision management: Revision management
Revision numbers: Revision numbers
Revision numbers (branches): Branches and revisions
Revision tree: Revision numbers
Revision tree, making branches: Branching and merging
Revisions, merging differences between: Merging two revisions
Revisions, versions and releases: Versions revisions releases
Right-hand options: Common options
Root file, in CVS directory: Specifying a repository
rsh: Connecting via rsh
rsh replacements (Kerberized, SSH, &c): Connecting via rsh
rtag (subcommand): Tagging by date/tag
rtag, creating a branch using: Creating a branch

Saving space: admin options
SCCS, importing files from: From other version control systems
Security, file permissions in repository: File permissions
Security, GSSAPI: GSSAPI authenticated
Security, Kerberos: Kerberos authenticated
Security, of pserver: Password authentication security
Security, setuid: File permissions
Server, CVS: Remote repositories
Server, temporary directories: Server temporary directory
Setgid: File permissions
Setting up a repository: Creating a repository
Setuid: File permissions
Source keyword: Keyword list
Source, getting CVS source: What is CVS?
Source, getting from CVS: Getting the source
Special files: Special Files
Specifying dates: Common options
Spreading information: Informing others
ssh: Connecting via rsh
SSH (rsh replacement): Connecting via rsh
Starting a project with CVS: Starting a new project
State keyword: Keyword list
Status of a file: File status
Status of a module: Module options
Sticky date: Sticky tags
Sticky tags: Sticky tags
Sticky tags, resetting: Sticky tags
Sticky tags/dates, per-directory: Working directory storage
Storing log messages: loginfo
Stream authentication: Global options
Structure: Structure
Subdirectories: Recursive behavior
Support, getting CVS support: BUGS
Symbolic link, importing: import output
Symbolic links: Special Files
Symbolic name (tag): Tags
Syntax of info files: syntax
SystemAuth, in CVSROOT/config: config

tag (subcommand): Tagging the working directory
Tag file, in CVS directory: Working directory storage
Tag program: Module options
tag, command, introduction: Tags
tag, creating a branch using: Creating a branch
Tag, example: Tags
Tag, retrieving old revisions: Tags
Tag, symbolic name: Tags
taginfo (admin file): taginfo
Tags: Tags
Tags, deleting: Modifying tags
Tags, logging: taginfo
Tags, moving: Modifying tags
Tags, renaming: Modifying tags
Tags, sticky: Sticky tags
Tags, verifying: taginfo
tc, Trivial Compiler (example): A sample session
Team of developers: Multiple developers
TEMP, environment variable: Environment variables
Template file, in CVS directory: Working directory storage
Template for log message: rcsinfo
Temporary directories, and server: Server temporary directory
Temporary files, location of: Environment variables
Third-party sources: Tracking sources
Time: Common options
Timezone, in input: Common options
Timezone, in output: log
TMP, environment variable: Environment variables
TMPDIR, environment variable: Environment variables
TMPDIR, overriding: Global options
TopLevelAdmin, in CVSROOT/config: config
Trace: Global options
Traceability: History browsing
Tracking sources: Tracking sources
Transactions, atomic, lack of: Concurrency
Trigger scripts: Trigger Scripts
Trigger scripts, security: Trigger Script Security
Trivial Compiler (example): A sample session
Typical repository: Repository

Umask, for repository files: File permissions
Undoing a change: Merging two revisions
unedit (subcommand): Editing files
Unknown: File status
Unreserved checkouts: Multiple developers
Unresolved Conflict: File status
Up-to-date: File status
update (subcommand): update
Update, introduction: Updating a file
update, to display file status: File status
Updating a file: Updating a file
User aliases: Password authentication server
User variables: Variables
USER, environment variable: Variables
USER, internal variable: Variables
users (admin file): Getting Notified

val-tags file, and read-only access to projects: File permissions
val-tags file, forcing tags into: Error messages
Variables: Variables
Vendor: Tracking sources
Vendor branch: Tracking sources
verifymsg (admin file): verifymsg
verifymsg, changing the log message: verifymsg
verifymsg, changing the log message: config
version (subcommand): Invoking CVS
Versions, of CVS: Compatibility
Versions, revisions and releases: Versions revisions releases
Viewing differences: Viewing differences
VISUAL, environment variable: Committing your changes
VISUAL, environment variable: Environment variables
VISUAL, internal variable: Variables

watch add (subcommand): Getting Notified
watch off (subcommand): Setting a watch
watch on (subcommand): Setting a watch
watch remove (subcommand): Getting Notified
watchers (subcommand): Watch information
Watches: Watches
wdiff (import example): First import
Web pages, maintaining with CVS: Keeping a checked out copy
What (shell command): Using keywords
What branches are good for: Branches motivation
What is CVS not?: What is CVS not?
What is CVS?: What is CVS?
When to commit: When to commit
Windows, and permissions: Windows permissions
Work-session, example of: A sample session
Working copy: Multiple developers
Working copy, removing: Cleaning up
Wrappers: Wrappers
writers (admin file): Read-only access

Ximbiot: BUGS
xinetd, configuring for pserver: Password authentication server

Zone, time, in input: Common options
Zone, time, in output: log

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