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3.2 Defining the module

The next step is to define the module in the modules file. This is not strictly necessary, but modules can be convenient in grouping together related files and directories.

In simple cases these steps are sufficient to define a module.

  1. Get a working copy of the modules file.
    $ cvs checkout CVSROOT/modules
    $ cd CVSROOT
  2. Edit the file and insert a line that defines the module. See Intro administrative files, for an introduction. See modules, for a full description of the modules file. You can use the following line to define the module ‘tc’:
    tc   yoyodyne/tc
  3. Commit your changes to the modules file.
    $ cvs commit -m "Added the tc module." modules
  4. Release the modules module.
    $ cd ..
    $ cvs release -d CVSROOT