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6.2.4 The gnun-link-diff Script

This script finds mismatched links and anchors and fills some fields in the header. Usually this is a typo, though in very rare cases changes in links are justified.

The script takes into account possible translator’s notes and changes in links to Creative Commons licenses. See Distribution Terms in GNU Web Translators Manual.

The output is a HTML page with highlighted differences. In the beginning, numbers of mismatched links and anchors are written. Links starting with "mailto:" are not counted, but highlighted.

The exit status of the script is 0 when the counts of mismatched links and anchors are zero, 1 when their sum is not zero, 2 when an error occurred.

gnun-link-diff [OPTION...] FILE

Specify language suffix, e.g “bg”. The suffix is used to adjust links to Creative Commons licenses. When unspecified, it is filled from the file name.

--title="page title"

Specify title. When unspecified, the file name is used.


Display copyright and version information and exit.


Display usage information and exit.