Old Thanks GNUs

Care was taken in the updating of this page so that, for the sake of brevity, each contributor would be listed once. If you find that either your name has been omitted or misspelled, please email <webmasters@gnu.org>.

Thank GNU to anyone who has made a donation of any kind!

Thank GNUs from March 1998 GNU's Bulletin

FSF Patrons: AT Computing (Netherlands), Russell Brand of Responsible Solutions, John Carmack of ID Software, Kazuhisa Ichikawa, Yutaka Niibe, Red Hat Software, The Derald H. Ruttenberg Foundation.

FSF Sustaining Contributors: Infomagic, Sin'ya Kanematu, Neal McBurnett and and Holly Lewis, NeXT User's Society (Japan), Open Systems Consulatants (Norway), Lynn Quam, X Consortium.

FSF Contributors: Guddland Digital (Luxembourg), Lewis Patterson, Vernor Vinge.

FSF Supporters: John Baxter, Andrew Bishop, Dan Bracken in honor of Marcus Daniels, Tony Bradford, Rick Bronson, Maurizio Cachio, Michael Coleman, CSA Engineering (Warren Gibson), Josh DuBois, Albert Fluegel, James Gaidos, John Goebel, Ram Gopalaswamy, Ian Haggard, Harry Hickey, Aaron Hillegas, In-seok Hong, Inergy Online (Frohman Anderson), IKARIOS (France), ITiV AB (Sweden), Miguel Jimenez, Lowell Johnson, Thouis Jones, Donald Patterson, Nick Pidgeon, Alfredo Reed, Research Grants Council (Hong Kong), Lex Romanczyk, Mark Santesson, Rob Schecter, Richard Schultz, Westley Sherman, Alexander Sousa, Sun User's Group - Deutschland, Mike Thomas, United Way contributors, Steve Wadlow.

Thanks also to the very many who made smaller donations. Thanks to all who purchased out CD-ROMs, manuals, reference cards, and T-shirts. Thanks to all the organizations who purchased Deluxe Distributions and to COS Inc. and SPDCC Inc., for lending systems on which to build them.

Thanks to Hiroshi Koyama and the other authors of the Japanese Linux Primer, who have donated part of their payment from Toppan Publishing.

Thanks to Gentia Software for funding the port of GNU Objective-C to DEC Alpha/Windows NT. Thanks to the Institute for System Design Technology of GMD Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik for funding development of the GCC verbose reporting features.

Thanks to Scott Christley and Net Community, for assitance of many kinds.

Thanks to the University of Massachusetts at Boston for providing space and internet access for our machines and to Tim Carlson for arranging secondary name service at the Santa Fe Institute, and to the many providers of mirror Web and FTP sites.

Thanks to all those mentioned elsewhere, especially those volunteers listed in GNU's Who. Thanks to Aaron Ball, Karl Berry, Rick Martin, and Len Tower, for their help as system administrators. Thanks to AMB for invaluable technical assistance.

Thanks to Computer Publishing Group (SunExpert Magazine) for advertising space. Thanks to LXNY and Sergio Ruocco, who arranged tables at conferences in New York and Rome, and to those volunteers who helped staff them.

Thanks to all who assigned copyrights to the Free Software Foundation or otherwise placed their source code under the GNU General Public License. Thanks to all who contributed documentation, good bug reports, or other useful criticism.

Thank GNUs from July 1997 GNU's Bulletin

FSF Patrons: Kazuhisa Ichikawa, Kyoto Micro Computer Co. Ltd. (Japan), Yutaka Niibe, Red Hat Software, Inc., the Derald H. Ruttenberg Foundation, Seiko Epson Corporation (Japan).

FSF Sustaining Contributors: ASCII Corp. (Japan), Cygnus Solutions, Paul R. Eggert, Doug Evans, D. Andrew Hall and Natalie A. Olsen Fund, HCC C Users Gruop (Netherlands), David W. Ignat, Donald & Jill Knuth, Nihon Sun User Group, Nord Family Foundation.

FSF Contributors: Anonymous, Brian Gough, Warren A. Hunt / Computational Logic Inc., Hiroshi Koyama & Mr. Kojima (authors of the Japanese Linux Primer), Terence O'Gorman, Arnold Robbins and SSC, Steve Schoggen, Hiroo Yamagata, Bradley N. Yearwood.

FSF Supporters: Anonymous, Gerald Alldredge, Andrew P. Alleman, Robert Biersack, Anthony Bradford, Richard Bronson, Joseph T. Buck, Paul Budnick, Jeff L. Byers, Ken Clark, Edward Soniat DuFossat, Matteo Frigo, Yukitoshi Fujimura, John Goebel, Harray W. Hickey, ITiV AB (Sweden), Geoffrey Knauth Family, Neal McBurnett, Mark McCreary, Mike Mull, Peter G. Neumann, Jill & Kenneth Olstad, Vance Petree, Matthew Pharr, Stefan Rajec, Robert Joel Reynolds, Dan Scarborough, Norman Shapiro, John Smyth, Vance Strickland, William Swats, Teknowledge Co. (Benedict O'Mahoney), United Way contributors, Louis Vitela, William Webber, Wizardry Inc. (John & Carol Belew), X Market Inc., Stanley H. Zisk.

Thanks to the Hitachi Advanced Research Lab for their generous donation.

Thanks to Derek Davies, Luc Girardin, Nicolai Guba, Martin Hamilton, Joel Holveck, Francis Hsu, Stephen Smoogen, & Joel N. Weber II, for acting as volunteer system administrators, and to Paul van Gool for coordinating their efforts. Thanks to Steve Morningthunder & Alex Bernadin for coordinating all of the other GNU volunteers.

For the FSF booth at Network Users '97 at Makuhari, Japan, for March 5th through 7th: seven students from Ida Lab, Aoyama Gakuin volunteered to sell GNU goods; Japan Unix Society supplied the booth space and misc. support.

For the FSF Tokyo Seminar on March 11th, which was held at Aogaku Kaikan, several LSJP members and several students from Aoyama Gakuin and Waseda University volunteered for simultaneous interpretation and steering, led by Prof. Masayuki Ida.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped the GNU Project at conferences, and to Cygnus Solutions for helping the GNU Project in many ways.

Thanks to the Institute for System Design Technology of GMD--Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik for funding development of GCC array-bounds checking features.

Thank GNUs from January 1997 GNU's Bulletin

Several GNU supporters have requested that donations be made to the FSF in lieu of gifts to themselves. We appreciate their generosity.

Thanks to Adras Computing, Cadence Design Systems, Richard Edelman of Design Acceleration, Doug Evans, Brian Gouge, Toon Moene, Paul Murphy of WSC Investments, Inc., Kenneth and Jill Olstad, Mark Thompson, and Henry Unger of Hitech Systems for their generous donations.

A special thanks to Michael Rubin for his bequest to the FSF. We mourn his passing.

Thanks to all who have lent or donated machines, including: several anonymous donors, Bill and Susan Corwin of Intel Corp., Digital Equipment Corp., Warren Gibson, MIT's Media Laboratory, Kresten Krab Thorup, Michael Tiemann, Don Trimmer of Peripheral Device Corporation, and Barton Wright.

For their help in Japan, thanks to the Japan Unix Society, and Mr. Akiba. Thanks to the Japan Sun User Group for their generous contribution and to the BR Vehicle Control Engineering Dept. of Toyota Corp. in Japan for their donation from their in-house award.

Thank GNUs from July 1996 GNU's Bulletin

Thanks to Bradley Yearwood, Paul Eggert, D. A. Hall & N. A. Olsen, Tom & Patricia Puckett, the Rubin Estate, Kyoto Micro Computer, Vance Petree, and Alan Bram for their regular and/or substantial contributions.

Thanks to PCI for additional help in building Deluxe Distributions.

We thank those groups who have donated us booths at their conferences, including the Sun Users Group.

Thanks to all who have lent or donated machines, including: Hewlett-Packard for a CD write-once system and the Open Software Foundation for ten 486s.

Thank GNUs from January 1996 GNU's Bulletin

Thanks to Jill and Professor Donald Knuth of Stanford Universitry for their regular, substantial contributions, and to John Romkey for his very large contribution.

Thanks to Networks On-Line for the donated 486DX2/66 (with network access and site administration) that www.gnu.org runs on.

Thanks to all those mentioned in all the GNU's Bulletins.

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Laboratory for Computer Science, and Project Athena all at MIT for their invaluable assistance.

Ulrich Drepper for invaluable work on the GNU C library; Erich Boyeln for working on Mach and a new boot loader; Shantanu Goel for working on Mach device drivers; and Kazumoto Kojima for porting the Hurd to the MIPS. Thanks to the many companies and organizations who have bought our Deluxe Distribution; to Simon Karpen, Scott Kay, Reuven Lerner, Chuck Campbell, Robert Lopez, Mike Miscevic, Timothy Mooney, Kay Nettle, alan Schwartz, Jason Verch, and Karl Vogel for helping to build Deluxe Distributions; David Krikorian, James DuPrie, and David Caswell for helping test our MS-DOS CD; Peter Ford, Joan Quigley, and Douglas Alan for helping master GNU CDs;

For their help in Japan, thanks to: Nobuyuki Hikichi, Mieko Hikichi, Ken'ichi Handa, Prof. Masayuki Ida, Yukitoshi Fujimura, Prof. Takafumi Hayashi, Takeshi Hayashi, Mitsuru Nakamur, and Mr. Nakamura. Thanks to the Hewlett Packard Computer Users' Association in Japan for their quarterly donations. Thanks to the Nihon Sun Users Group and Hitachi, Ltd. for their generous contributions. Thanks to Addison-Wesley Publishers Japan Ltd., A.I. Soft, Village Center, Inc., ASCII Corporation, and many others in Japan, for their continued donations and support.

We thank those groups who have donated us booths at their conferences.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped the GNU Project at conferences; Barry Meikle of the University of Toronto Bookstore for donating ad space; Warren A. Hunt, Jr. and Computational Logic, Inc. for their continued donations and support; to Cygnus Solutions for helping the GNU Project in many ways.

Thanks to all who have lent or donated machines, including: the Open Software Foundation for two 386s; Tadashi Kobayashi of Toshiba Corporation and Shinichi Mochizuki of Toshiba America for a T4850 notebook computer; Cygnus Solutions for a SPARCstation; Delta Microsystems for an Exabyte tape drive; an anonymous donor for a 4mm DAT cartridge drive; Concentra, Inc. for four HP workstations; Network Computing Devices, Inc. for three NCD X-terminals; Russ Button for two SCSI disk drives; Simson Garfinkel for an NCD X-terminal; IBM Corp. for an Exabyte tape drive and an RS/6000; Hewlett-Packard for a dozen computers; CMU's Mach Project for a Sun-3/60; Intel Corp. for their 386 machine; NeXT for their workstation; MIT's Media Laboratory for an HP 68020; SONY Corp. and Software Research Associates, Inc., both of Tokyo, for three SONY News workstations; an anonymous donor for a Sun-3/280; Liant Software Corp. for 5 VT100s; several anonymous donors and Rocky Bernstein for IBM RT/PC hardware and manuals.

Thanks to all who have contributed ports and extensions, as well as all who have sent in other source code, documentation, and good bug reports.

Thanks to all those who sent money and offered other kinds of help.

Thanks to all those who support us by ordering t-shirts, manuals, reference cards, distribution CD-ROMs, and Books with CD-ROMs.

The creation of this web site is our way of thanking all who have expressed interest in what we are doing.