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At the end of the 4th issue I complained about the lack of "We run GNU" icons for webpages. Interestingly enough a lot more people seemed to feel this way so I decided to start this initative:

    The reputation of GNU Software among computer professionals has been very high for quite some time now. The GNU stands for reliability, quality and confidence in ones own program. It is the core of a mindset that made it possible to create an operating system like GNU/Linux. Despite this the GNU doesnīt ring a bell with majority of the population. This is what I want to change.

    The GNU Project itself focused heavily on writing more and better software while the publicity has been kind of neglected. But the GNU Project has always lived off the engagement of many people and a very effective way of improving the public profile is creating and using graphics on webpages, t-shirts, mugs and so on. So I would like to ask everyone to pick up the GNU Image Manipulation Program and create new ideas and GNU artwork.

    The majority of all motifs should be released under the GPL on this page in order to create an archive for people looking for GNU artwork.

    Starting with motifs for t-shirts to small stickers for the personal computer everything is possible. Everyone whoīd like to publish his or her designs can mail them to me at Brave GNU World <>. Please use the png or jpg format as gif isnīt free (see Itīs also a good idea to create the images with a very high resolution. This page would only give the thumbnails then that link to the full version. That way people could resize them in order to fit their purpose.

    In order to provide some ideas, here is my current wishlist:

    • square motifs for the brand-fields on computer cases
      (this may be more important than you think right now but thatīs all I can tell you for now)
    • logos for the Brave GNU World
      (Iīd love to see a stylized/abstract version of the earth with the horns of a GNU in the style of the Debian Penguin or the "gnus" GNU)
    • "We run GNU" icons for Webpages
      (all kinds and ways)
    • motifs for t-shirts & mugs
    • possible motives for a "Brave GNU World" t-shirt. One idea was the gnu as atlas with an earth on its shoulders.
Alright, enough said. The designs are sorted by author, just click on the name of the author to see his/her designs. I would like to say thanks to everyone who participated; especially David S de Lis who was the first to send in his designs.

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