cgicc::HTMLDoctype Class Reference

Specifies the DTD of the HTML 4 document. More...

#include <cgicc/HTMLDoctype.h>

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Public Types

enum  EDocumentType { eStrict, eTransitional, eFrames }

Public Member Functions

 HTMLDoctype (EDocumentType type=eStrict)
virtual ~HTMLDoctype ()
virtual void render (std::ostream &out) const
 Write this object to a stream.

Detailed Description

Specifies the DTD of the HTML 4 document.

To use this class, simply write an object of this type to an ostream:

 out << cgicc::HTMLDoctype();
For more information, see and

Definition at line 56 of file HTMLDoctype.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum cgicc::HTMLDoctype::EDocumentType

The DTD used by this document.

eStrict  The HTML 4.0 strict DTD (the default)
eTransitional  The HTML 4.0 Transitional DTD
eFrames  The HTML 4.0 Frameset DTD

Definition at line 61 of file HTMLDoctype.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cgicc::HTMLDoctype::HTMLDoctype ( EDocumentType  type = eStrict  ) 


type The version of the HTML 4.0 DTD used by this document.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void cgicc::HTMLDoctype::render ( std::ostream &  out  )  const [virtual]

Write this object to a stream.

Subclasses must implement this function.

out The ostream to which to write.

Implements cgicc::MStreamable.

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