cgicc File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
bugs.tmpl [code]
cardgame.cpp [code]GNU cgicc Card Game application
cgi-overview.tmpl [code]
Cgicc.h [code]The main header file for the GNU cgicc library
CgiDefs.h [code]Platform and operating system specific macro definitions
CgiEnvironment.h [code]Class encapsulating the CGI runtime environment
CgiInput.h [code]Class that abstracts a data source
CgiUtils.h [code]A collection of utility functions
config.h [code]
cookie.cpp [code]HTTP cookie demo
COPYING [code]
demos.tmpl [code]
dns.cpp [code]A WWW to DNS gateway
FormEntry.h [code]Class representing a single HTML form entry
FormFile.h [code]Class representing a file submitted via an HTML form
HTMLAtomicElement.h [code]Template class for concrete atomic HTMLElement subclasses
HTMLAttribute.h [code]Class dealing with HTML element attributes
HTMLAttributeList.h [code]Class containing a list of HTMLAttribute objects
HTMLBooleanElement.h [code]Template class for concrete boolean HTMLElement subclasses
HTMLClasses.h [code]The header file containing HTML output classes
HTMLDoctype.h [code]Class which specifies the DTD of the HTML 4 document
HTMLElement.h [code]Class dealing with HTML elements
HTMLElementList.h [code]Class containing a list of HTMLElement objects
HTTPContentHeader.h [code]Class for sending data of a specific MIME type
HTTPCookie.h [code]An HTTP Cookie
HTTPHeader.h [code]Abstract base class for simple HTTP headers
HTTPHTMLHeader.h [code]Shortcut to HTTPContentHeader for text/html
HTTPPlainHeader.h [code]Shortcut to HTTPContentHeader for text/plain
HTTPRedirectHeader.h [code]Class for redirecting the client to a different URI
HTTPResponseHeader.h [code]Class for generic, complete HTTP header responses
HTTPStatusHeader.h [code]HTTP header to set a specific request status
HTTPXHTMLHeader.h [code]Class that abstracts a XHTML Content Header
index.tmpl [code]
lib-overview.tmpl [code]
license.tmpl [code]
lists.tmpl [code]
MStreamable.h [code]Abstract base class for all streamable objects
test.cpp [code]GNU cgicc test application
tutorial.tmpl [code]
upload.cpp [code]File upload demo
XHTMLDoctype.h [code]Class that abstracts a XHTML Doc Type
XMLDeclaration.h [code]Class that abstracts a XML Declaration
XMLPI.h [code]Class that abstracts a XMLPI

GNU cgicc - A C++ class library for writing CGI applications
Copyright © 1996 - 2004 Stephen F. Booth
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