datasplayer Struct Reference

A data model for the player. More...

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Public Attributes

vector< string > * cardsList
 A list of the cards.
string identifiant
 the identifiant of the player
bool isPlaying
 If the player is playing the value is at true.
int points
 the score of the player
string actualCard
 The actual played card.

Detailed Description

A data model for the player.

The model can give informations on the player as the id , if is currently have the game turn , the points the list of cards and the actual played card

Definition at line 61 of file cardgame.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

vector<string >* datasplayer::cardsList

A list of the cards.

Contain all the cards of the player in the game.

Definition at line 67 of file cardgame.cpp.

Referenced by CardGameTools::convertStringToStuct(), CardGameTools::convertStructToString(), CardGameTools::drawPlayerCards(), CardGameTools::gameRules(), CardGameTools::getGame(), and CardGameTools::writeGame().

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