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NetworkDeviceInfo Class Reference

Network device information class. More...

#include <network.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NetworkDeviceInfo (const NetworkDeviceInfo &ndi)
 ~NetworkDeviceInfo ()
const Stringname () const
 Returns the Name of the network device. More...
const InetHostAddressaddress () const
 Returns the Address of the network device. More...
const BroadcastAddressbroadcast () const
 Returns the Broadcast address of the network device. More...
const InetMaskAddressnetmask () const
 Returns the Netmask of the network device. More...
const int mtu () const
 Returns the MTU. More...

Protected Member Functions

 NetworkDeviceInfo (const String &name, const InetHostAddress &addr, const BroadcastAddress &broadcast, const InetMaskAddress &netmask, int mtu)

Private Attributes

String _name
InetHostAddress _addr
BroadcastAddress _broadcast
InetMaskAddress _netmask
int _mtu


__EXPORT bool enumNetworkDevices (std::vector< NetworkDeviceInfo > &devs)
 Enumerate all available network devices. More...

Detailed Description

Network device information class.

This class is used to hold various informations about a TCP/IP network device. Which can be obtained by a call to enumNetworkDevices()

Christian Prochnow cproc.nosp@m.h@se.nosp@m.culog.nosp@m.ix.d.nosp@m.e

Definition at line 72 of file network.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NetworkDeviceInfo::NetworkDeviceInfo ( const String name,
const InetHostAddress addr,
const BroadcastAddress broadcast,
const InetMaskAddress netmask,
int  mtu 
NetworkDeviceInfo::NetworkDeviceInfo ( const NetworkDeviceInfo ndi)
NetworkDeviceInfo::~NetworkDeviceInfo ( )

Member Function Documentation

const InetHostAddress& NetworkDeviceInfo::address ( ) const

Returns the Address of the network device.

Definition at line 95 of file network.h.

const BroadcastAddress& NetworkDeviceInfo::broadcast ( ) const

Returns the Broadcast address of the network device.

Definition at line 99 of file network.h.

const int NetworkDeviceInfo::mtu ( ) const

Returns the MTU.

Definition at line 107 of file network.h.

const String& NetworkDeviceInfo::name ( ) const

Returns the Name of the network device.

Definition at line 91 of file network.h.

const InetMaskAddress& NetworkDeviceInfo::netmask ( ) const

Returns the Netmask of the network device.

Definition at line 103 of file network.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

__EXPORT bool enumNetworkDevices ( std::vector< NetworkDeviceInfo > &  devs)

Enumerate all available network devices.

Field Documentation

InetHostAddress NetworkDeviceInfo::_addr

Definition at line 76 of file network.h.

BroadcastAddress NetworkDeviceInfo::_broadcast

Definition at line 77 of file network.h.

int NetworkDeviceInfo::_mtu

Definition at line 79 of file network.h.

String NetworkDeviceInfo::_name

Definition at line 75 of file network.h.

InetMaskAddress NetworkDeviceInfo::_netmask

Definition at line 78 of file network.h.

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