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misc.h File Reference

Memory management, configuration keydata objects and string tokenizer. More...

#include <cc++/missing.h>
#include <cc++/thread.h>
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Data Structures

class  MemPager
 The memory pager is used to allocate cumulative memory pages for storing object specific "persistant" data that is presumed to persist during the life of a given derived object. More...
struct  MemPager::_page
class  StackPager
 The StackPager provides a repository to stash and retrieve working data in last-in-first-out order. More...
struct  StackPager::frame
class  SharedMemPager
 The shared mempager uses a mutex to protect key access methods. More...
class  Keydata
 Keydata objects are used to load and hold "configuration" data for a given application. More...
struct  Keydata::Keyval
struct  Keydata::Keysym
struct  Keydata::Define
class  MemPagerObject
 This class is used to create derived classes which are constructed within a memory pager pool. More...
class  Assoc
 This class is used to associate (object) pointers with named strings. More...
struct  Assoc::entry
class  Runlist
 A runlist is used to restrict concurrent exection to a limited set of concurrent sessions, much like a semaphore. More...
class  Runable
 A container for objects that can be queued against a runlist. More...


#define KEYDATA_PAGER_SIZE   512
#define KEYDATA_PATH_SIZE   256


__EXPORT void endKeydata (void)


class __EXPORT Runlist
class __EXPORT Runable

Detailed Description

Memory management, configuration keydata objects and string tokenizer.

Definition in file misc.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


Definition at line 56 of file misc.h.

#define KEYDATA_PAGER_SIZE   512

Definition at line 57 of file misc.h.

#define KEYDATA_PATH_SIZE   256

Definition at line 66 of file misc.h.

Function Documentation

__EXPORT void endKeydata ( void  )

This should be used before detaching a deamon, exec(), fork(), etc.

Definition at line 623 of file misc.h.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 74 of file misc.h.

Definition at line 73 of file misc.h.