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serial.h File Reference

Serial I/O services. More...

#include <cc++/missing.h>
#include <cc++/thread.h>
#include <cc++/exception.h>
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Data Structures

class  Serial
 The Serial class is used as the base for all serial I/O services under APE. More...
class  TTYStream
 TTY streams are used to represent serial connections that are fully "streamable" objects using C++ stream classes and friends. More...
class  ttystream
 A more natural C++ "ttystream" class for use by non-threaded applications. More...
class  TTYSession
 The TTYSession aggragates a TTYStream and a Common C++ Thread which is assumed to be the execution context that will be used to perform actual I/O operations. More...
class  SerialPort
 The serial port is an internal class which is attached to and then serviced by a specified SerialService thread. More...
class  SerialService
 The SerialService is a thead service object that is meant to service attached serial ports. More...




typedef int HANDLE


class __EXPORT SerialPort
class __EXPORT SerialService

Detailed Description

Serial I/O services.

Definition in file serial.h.

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typedef int HANDLE

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