7 Marked Items

For many item editing commands it can make sense and be convenient to apply them simultaneously to more than one item in the current category. Todo facilitates this by means of marked items.


Mark the item at point if it is unmarked, and remove the mark it is already marked (todo-toggle-mark-item). The mark is a string specified by the option todo-item-mark (by default ‘*’) appended in front of the item header (more precisely, in front of the item’s priority number or prefix; see Todo Display Features, for details of the latter). After marking the current item, the command advances point to the next item. It also accepts a numeric prefix argument, which allows toggling the mark of multiple consecutive items.

C *

Mark all todo items in the current category.

C u

Unmark all todo item in the current category.

You can also use the last two commands to mark or unmark all done items in the category, but only when only the done items section is being displayed, i.e., after invoking C V or V.

The following commands operate on marked items:

The item insertion, textual editing and priority changing commands do not operate on marked items.

If you use m, d, A d or u on multiple noncontiguous marked items, the relocated items retain their relative order but are now listed consecutively en bloc.

You can mark both todo and done items, but note that only m and k can apply to both; other commands only affect either marked todo or marked done items, so if both types of items are marked, invoking these commands has no effect and informs you of your erroneous attempt.