8 Todo Categories Mode

It can be helpful to have a compact overview of the categories in a todo file and the types of items it contains; the Todo package provides a tabular view of this information.

F c

Typing this command (todo-show-categories-table) in Todo mode or Todo Archive mode switches to a buffer displaying a table that gives an overview of the categories in the current todo or archive file. This buffer is in Todo Categories mode.

The table consists of a column containing the names of the categories in the file, followed by columns containing counts of certain types of items in each category. With todo files there are four count types: all todo (i.e., not done) items, diary items (i.e., those todo items lacking the todo-nondiary-marker, which hence can appear in the Fancy Diary display), done (but not archived) items, and archived items. With archive files all items are done, so the table only has a column for this count. The final row of the table gives total item counts across all categories in the file.

Aside from explicitly invoking F c to display the table of categories, you can also arrange to have it displayed on the first invocation of todo-show for a given file (i.e., either using todo-show to initiate a Todo session, or calling it in Todo mode to visit another todo file). To do this customize the option todo-show-first.