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1.5 Contributors

The following persons (in chronological order) have made contributions to GNU Gama project: Aleš Čepek, Jiří Veselý, Petr Doubrava, Jan Pytel, Chuck Ghilani, Dan Haggman, Mauri Väisänen, John Dedrum, Jim Sutherland, Zoltan Faludi, Diego Berge, Boris Pihtin, Stéphane Kaloustian, Siki Zoltan, Anton Horpynich, Claudio Fontana, Bronislav Koska, Martin Beckett, Jiří Novák, Václav Petráš, Jokin Zurutuza, 项维 (Vim Xiang), Tomáš Kubín, Greg Troxel, Kristian Evers, Oleg Goussev, Petra Millarová, Jan Holešovský and Friedhelm Krumm.

Jiří Veselý is the author of calculation of approximate coordinates by intersections and transformations (class Acord). Václav Petráš is the author of SQL schema, SQLite and gama-local. Petra Millarová is the main author of class Acord2 and other helper classes for combinatorial solution of medians of approximate coordinates.

Friedhelm Krumm, Geodätisches Institut Universität Stuttgart, contributed mumerical examples for the adjustment of geodetic networks (1D, 2D and 3D) published in his Geodetic Network Adjustment Examples, Rev. 3.5, January 20, 2020. https://www.gis.uni-stuttgart.de/ In version 2.18 the format of input data used in his Examples was implemented in GNU Gama and is used in command line conversion program gama-local-krumm2xml and also directly in qgama GUI.

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