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2. XML input data format for gama-local

The input data format for a local geodetic network adjustment (program gama-local) is defined in accordance with the definition of Extended Markup Language (XML) for description of structured data. The XML definition can be found at


Input data (points, observations and other related information) are described using XML start-end pair tags <xxx> and </xxx> and empty-element tags <xxx/>.

The syntax of XML gama-local input format is described in XML schema (XSD), the file gama-local.xsd is a part of the GNU gama distribution and can formally be validated independently on the program gama-local, namely in unit testing we use xmllint validating parser, if it is installed.

For parsing the XML input data, gama-local uses the XML parser Expat copyrighted by James Clark which is described at


Expat is subject to the Mozilla Public License (MPL), or may alternatively be used under the GNU General Public License (GPL) instead.

In the gama-local XML input, distances are given in meters, angular values in centigrades and their standard deviations (rms errors) in millimeters or centigrade seconds, respectively. Alternatively angular values in gama-local XML input can be given in degrees and seconds (see section Angular units). At the end of this chapter an example of the gama-local XML input data object is given.

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