13.4.1 Extracting Marked Strings

Once your awk program is working, and all the strings have been marked and you’ve set (and perhaps bound) the text domain, it is time to produce translations. First, use the --gen-pot command-line option to create the initial .pot file:

gawk --gen-pot -f guide.awk > guide.pot

When run with --gen-pot, gawk does not execute your program. Instead, it parses it as usual and prints all marked strings to standard output in the format of a GNU gettext Portable Object file. Also included in the output are any constant strings that appear as the first argument to dcgettext() or as the first and second argument to dcngettext().93 You should distribute the generated .pot file with your awk program; translators will eventually use it to provide you translations that you can also then distribute. See A Simple Internationalization Example for the full list of steps to go through to create and test translations for guide.



The xgettext utility that comes with GNU gettext can handle .awk files.