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9.10 Invoking the msgexec Program

     msgexec [option] command [command-option]

The msgexec program applies a command to all translations of a translation catalog. The command can be any program that reads a translation from standard input. It is invoked once for each translation. Its output becomes msgexec's output. msgexec's return code is the maximum return code across all invocations.

A special builtin command called ‘0’ outputs the translation, followed by a null byte. The output of ‘msgexec 0’ is suitable as input for ‘xargs -0’.

During each command invocation, the environment variable MSGEXEC_MSGID is bound to the message's msgid, and the environment variable MSGEXEC_LOCATION is bound to the location in the PO file of the message. If the message has a context, the environment variable MSGEXEC_MSGCTXT is bound to the message's msgctxt, otherwise it is unbound.

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that the command can cope with input encoded in the translation catalog's encoding. If the command wants input in a particular encoding, you can in a first step convert the translation catalog to that encoding using the ‘msgconv’ program, before invoking ‘msgexec’. If the command wants input in the locale's encoding, but you want to avoid the locale's encoding, then you can first convert the translation catalog to UTF-8 using the ‘msgconv’ program and then make ‘msgexec’ work in an UTF-8 locale, by using the LC_ALL environment variable.

9.10.1 Input file location

-i inputfile
Input PO file.
-D directory
Add directory to the list of directories. Source files are searched relative to this list of directories. The resulting .po file will be written relative to the current directory, though.

If no inputfile is given or if it is ‘-’, standard input is read.

9.10.2 Input file syntax

Assume the input file is a Java ResourceBundle in Java .properties syntax, not in PO file syntax.
Assume the input file is a NeXTstep/GNUstep localized resource file in .strings syntax, not in PO file syntax.

9.10.3 Informative output

Display this help and exit.
Output version information and exit.