Data::Set class reference
[Core module]


#include <Goptical/Data/Set>

namespace Goptical {
namespace Data {
class Set;

This class is a member of the Data namespace.

This abstract class contains pure virtuals.









This class is a base class for all numerical data sets implementations. It defines an interface to access data in a way independent from data storage and dimensions count.

Each data set implementation may define a alternative specific interface to access their data.

Here x is seen as value used to access the container. Containers with more than one dimension will require x0, x1, ..., xn known parameters to access the stored y value.


See also the full member list section for this class.


Members detail  

virtual ~Set()  

No documentation available

virtual unsigned int get_count(unsigned int dim = 0) const = 0;  

Get total number of data stored for dimension n in data set

virtual unsigned int get_dimensions() const = 0;  

Get total number of dimensions

Interpolation get_interpolation()  

Get current interpolation method

unsigned int get_version() const  

Return version number which is incremented on each data set change/clear

virtual Math::range_t get_x_range(unsigned int dim = 0) const = 0;  

Get minimal and maximal x values on dimension n found in data set

virtual double get_x_value(unsigned int n, unsigned int dim = 0) const = 0;  

Get data stored at position n on dimension dim in data set

virtual Math::range_t get_y_range() const  

Get minimal and maximal y values found in data set

virtual double get_y_value(const unsigned int x[]) const = 0;  

Get y data stored at position (x0, x1, ...) in data set

virtual double interpolate(const double x[]) const = 0;  

Interpolate y value corresponding to given x value(s) in data set.

virtual double interpolate(const double x[], unsigned int deriv, unsigned int dim) const = 0;  

Interpolate y value corresponding to given x value in data set. Data may be differentiated several times along the requested dimension.

  • deriv: Differentiation count, 0 means y value, 1 means 1st derivative...
  • dim: Differentiation dimension

virtual void set_interpolation(Interpolation i) = 0;  

Select interpolation method

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