4.4 Main classes

Sys namespace  

GroupOptical elements group element
ImageImage plane optical element
LensLens optical element
MirrorReflecting optical surface element
OpticalSurfaceOptical surface element
SourcePointPoint light source
SourceRaysCustom rays light source
SystemOptical system

Trace namespace  

DistributionRay distribution pattern descriptor
ParamsLight propagation parameters descriptor
ResultStore light propagation result
SequenceDefines light propagation elemets order for sequential light propagation
TracerLight propagation algorithms

Material namespace  

AbbeAbbe model for optical glass material
AirAir optical material model
BaseOptical material base class.
CatalogHold a glass material catalog
ConradyConrady model for optical glass material
DispersionTableInterpolated refractive index data set model
HerzbergerHerzberger model for optical glass material
MetalMetal optical material model.
MilMil glass code material model
MirrorSimple mirror optical material model.
SchottSchott model for optical glass material
SellmeierSellmeier model for optical glass material
SellmeierModModified sellmeier model for optical glass material
VacuumVacuum optical material model

Io namespace  

ImportOsloOslo files loader
ImportZemaxZemax files loader (experimental)
RendererBase class for rendering drivers
RendererDxfDXF rendering driver base (experimental)
RendererGdGD rendering driver
RendererOpenglOpenGL rendering driver
RendererPlplotPlplot rendering driver
RendererSvgSVG file rendering driver
RendererX11X11 rendering driver
RendererX3dX3d rendering driver (experimental)

Data namespace  

DiscreteSet1d numerical data set with interpolation
Grid2d numerical data set with interpolation.
PlotData plots container
PlotDataData set plot
SampleSet1d fixed interval numerical data set with interpolation

Math namespace  


Shape namespace  

BaseBase class for contour 2d shapes
ComposerEnable definition of shape as composition ot other shapes (experimental)
DiskDisk shape
EllipseEllipse shape
EllipticalRingElliptical ring shape
InfiniteBorderless shape
PolygonPolygon shape
RectangleRectangle and square shape
RegularPolygonRegular Polygon shape
RingRing shape

Light namespace  

RayDescribe a ray of light

Curve namespace  

ArrayEnable definition of curve as square and hexagonal array of an other curve
BaseBase class for surface curvature models
ComposerEnable definition of curve as composition of other curves
ConicGeneral purpose conic curve model
FlatFlat curve
FoucaultDefine surface curve from Foucault test data.
GridDefine surface curve from interpolated grid data set.
ParabolaParabola curve model
PolynomialEven and odd polynomial curve implementation.
SphereSpherical curve model
SplineRotationally symmetric spline curve implementation
ZernikeDefine surface curve from Zernike polynomials

Analysis namespace  

FocusBest focus point analysis
RayFanRayFan diagram analysis
SpotSpot diagram analysis

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