Sys::SourcePoint class reference
[Core module]


#include <Goptical/Sys/SourcePoint>

namespace Goptical {
namespace Sys {
class SourcePoint;

This class is a member of the Sys namespace.









This class implement a point light source. The source can either be infinitely far away with a direction vector, or located at a given position but without direction.

A ray is generated for each defined spectrum line for each distribution pattern point on target surface.

Default wavelen list contains a single 550nm entry.


See also the full member list section for this class.

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Members detail  

SourcePoint(SourceInfinityMode m, const Math::Vector3 &pos_dir)  

Create a point source with given mode. A direction vector must be provided when source is in infinity mode. If not in infinity mode, a position vector must be provided instead.

void set_infinity_direction(const Math::Vector3 &dir)  

Set point source mode to infinity and adjust source direction vector

void set_mode(SourceInfinityMode mode)  

Change current point source infinity mode

void set_position(const Math::Vector3 &pos)  

This function shadows the set_position function defined in the Element base class.

Set point source mode to positioned and adjust source position vector

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