Guile-CV is a Computer Vision functional programming library for the Guile Scheme language. Guile-CV is based on Vigra (Vision with Generic Algorithms). It comprises a direct binding to Vigra_c (a C wrapper to some of the Vigra functionality), and a higher level API written in Guile Scheme.

Latest News

April the 21st, 2017

Guile-CV is now part of GNU!

We are doing the home work to convert the headers, links, mailing list, web pages ... finalize some of the coding we were working on and release (the first public release), 0.1.4, very soon now, stay tuned.

What else

Guile-CV is almost entirely written in Guile Scheme, though for performance reasons, some basic operations are implemented in C (see libguile-cv if you are interested). This C code is kept to the very strict minimum though, and not part of the API: as Guile Scheme evolves, targeting an AOT compiler, we may rewrite these in scheme at any moment.


Guile-CV also has a Savannah project page.


Guile-CV is a free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License GPLv3 or higher. You must be aware there is no warranty whatsoever for Guile-CV. This is described in full in the license.