Guile-CV is a Computer Vision functional programming library for the Guile Scheme language. Guile-CV is based on Vigra (Vision with Generic Algorithms). It comprises a direct binding to Vigra_c (a C wrapper to some of the Vigra functionality), and a higher level API written in Guile Scheme.

Latest News

May the 24th, 2017

Guile-CV version 0.1.4 is released.

This is the first public release of Guile-CV, earlier releases were made available to GNU evaluators and Savannah hackers only.

Summary of the changes since version available on our News page. See Guile-CV git summary and git log for a complete description.


Guile-CV objective is to be an easy to use, study, modify and extend computer vision functional programming library.

Guile-CV can be used as an educational sofware, a research toolbox but it can also be used 'in production': Guile-CV is fast and robust, even though it still is in its early development stage, and we will make sure Guile-CV remains fast and robust as it grows.

What else

Guile-CV is almost entirely written in Guile Scheme, though for performance reasons, some basic operations are implemented in C (see libguile-cv if you are interested). This C code is kept to the very strict minimum though, and not part of the API: as Guile Scheme evolves, targeting an AOT compiler, we may rewrite these in scheme at any moment.


Guile-CV also has a Savannah project page.


Guile-CV is a free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License GPLv3 or higher. You must be aware there is no warranty whatsoever for Guile-CV. This is described in full in the license.