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2 Installing

To build and install Guile-Gtk you will need Guile 1.6.4 or higher, and Glib and Gtk versions 2.0 or higher (and their various dependencies). Gdk-Pixbuf, Glade and Gtk-GL are optional, support for them in Guile-Gtk is included if they're available.

Guile-Gtk uses an Autoconf, Automake and Libtool based configuration system. A basic build can be made with,


Some self-tests can be run with

     make check

And you can install (under /usr/local by default) with

     make install

The file INSTALL has generic information about ‘./configure’. Running ‘./configure --help’ will print a summary of the usage and options.

Enable or disable Gdk-Pixbuf, Glade, or Gtk-GL support, respectively. The default for each is to enable if available.
Installing under the same --prefix as Guile will make Guile-Gtk available immediately. If installed under a different tree it will be necessary to add to %load-path and possibly LTDL_LIBRARY_PATH so the modules and interface libraries can be found.
The threads method (pthreads, coop, or none) used in Guile is noticed by Guile-Gtk at compile-time, and used to setup the threads support within Guile-Gtk (see General Conventions). The resulting Guile-Gtk can only be used with a Guile built with the same threads method.

For Guile 1.8, where the choices are pthreads or no threads, the intention is instead to notice that choice at runtime (because Glib always has pthreads builtin anyway). But as of Guile 1.8.2 certain threads-dependent code is inlined by Guile, so runtime detection doesn't yet work.