news/2015-10-31-releases: Fix links to release tarballs
Revert ""
This reverts commit b3a79b3c911871d9c678e3b621ebbce72f7cafbf.
update kernel version
Comment that Flávio is on UTIME_*; add ENOTDIR missing on cat /dev/null/
[ADA4HURD] - result of attempt_create_file implementation
[ADA4HURD] test result of create file with echo
Merge commit 'a26cfb9c30ab60ca71d84f86d002b718f351efdc'
public_hurd_boxen/installation/darnassus: detail modified ikiwiki package
public_hurd_boxen/installation/darnassus: post-update hook
public_hurd_boxen/installation/darnassus: Update.
socklog does not pose problem any more
idzebra doesn't seem to pose problems any more
emacs24 is posing problems
Mention issue with fifo perms
Remove the oom packages, Flavio's fix seem to have gotten rid of them
dro musescore, it's a make -j craziness
Add transcript link
Add dc15 links
Add dc15 links
[ADA4HURD] mkdir test for netfs_base
minor change to ada4hurd main page : mention how to run netfs tests
report result of an unimplemented mkdir
Add musescore
[ADA4HURD] report of 4rd write try with first write implementation, seems OK
[ADA4HURD] report of 3rd write try with set size minimal implementation
[ADA4HURD] report of 2nd write try with tree with 0755 permission
[ADA4HURD] report of write try
[ADA4HURD] report of read implementation
[ADA4HURD] read try results on netfs Ada binding
Add issue about statically linked glibc
Added a note clarifying the need to use IDE disk controller, to help future users.
[ #1015630] index/discussion: Remove.
This is to resolve
Merge commit '47e4765a4efc9b326b336296e360f5dd22a6b9fa'; commit '3212c8916bf3b5aa55d96aff1dfb0fa9900d3a5b' into HEAD
[ADA4HURD] update of results for depth parameter set to 3
[ADA4HURD] minor update of results for get_dirents implementation
the i_file_acl_hi warning got fixed in e2fsprogs 1.42.13
Translate the error returned by inflate
[ADA4HURD] update results for get_dirents implementation
Mention VT_ACTIVATE todo
Fix description of the 2015 Debian release.
Interlink NBD pages
NBD: Platform-specific Error Values in the Wire Protocol
update link to 2015 debian release
Debian GNU/Hurd 2015
GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines (GNU FSDG)
Wording based on a suggestion by Richard Stallman <>.
Add mozjs24 to problematic packages
Add Linux Pro Magazine cover article
advise to patch debian packages instead of building from upstream
drop useless index=0,media=disk qemu parameters
[Ada4Hurd] Netfs exploration : after attempt_lookup implementation
news/2015-04-10-releases: New page.
New Year procedure.
;-) Better late than never.
Merge commit 'cc19d3b8c66e59b5fea8337eb215cf6a78b42480'; remote-tracking branch 'darnassus--hurd-web/master' into HEAD
contributing/web_pages: Better integrate the ikiwiki installation instructions.
advise to make sure to use the unstable version of crosshurd
Link to recent discussion.
[ada4hurd] add cd node results
add ada4hurd basic documentation
how to install ikiwiki on wheezy
update xen information
community/gsoc: GSoC 2015 student application period is over.
Merge commit 'd738dae91df578480e4131847555819ac79e9f79'; commit 'f83e269ebc1feefe096ec0817564cc6c37a71805'; commit '85651dcca3d5b017a33044b59882efad11e6e24e'; commit 'f9a7ebcbfdfa81427389cde676c431b4c05db6e6'; commit '2e83c0c40e2a914c76d656a453553a07925316e1'; commit '14b9c303cdf309a845552ef279bd5d32de676d2c' into HEAD
GSoC 2015.
open_issues/kill_setuid: File this as open_issue_hurd.
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This reverts commit d6fa2bed6f6c41f8083123633bf328c1072941c3.
Remove empty page.
Revert ""
This reverts commit acccdf20af9e26e5c2308c81c073dd847230035c.
... already explained in the following sentence.
Revert "[[!inline pages="internal(recent_changes/change_*)" template=recentchanges show=0]]"
This reverts commit 745ed5b1c0e3f23c3dda1c5a22ad762c6dddcb8e.
Revert "[[!inline pages="internal(recent_changes/change_*)" template=recentchanges show=0]]"
This reverts commit c74273f3c6575b04c224658010d829cf78159a6a.
New GSoC project idea about physical memory management
Replace VM tuning with physical memory management
Add GSoC 2015 news
Add a lot of links
drop obsolete information
Add the symlink translator issue to the small hacks list.
Document an issue with /hurd/symlink
shutdown is now implemented
update hardware support
complete overview
explain code a bit
Add quick overview for first-comers
Document a bit about hurd/mach/mig so people have an idea where to look at
document that the pthread_threads assertion failure when dlopening libpthread is gone
creating tag page tag/open_issue_xorg
document the X session termination issue