Merge remote-tracking branch 'savannah/master'
reference the mailing list thread
typo, thanks LastAvengers
add O_NOATIME fixup
open_issues/gcc: a050099a416f013bda35832b878d9a57b0cbb231 (gcc-6-branch branch point; 2016-04-15)
fix formatting
mention sem_init(pshared=1) too
document how to profile the kernel
Revert "translate to Chinese"
This reverts commit 20a22829ce555fd72532b4572112c7a8b6e18c29.
Revert "translate to Chinese ,v2"
This reverts commit 3313a02e7fd3123f24880a8a8aad61644a1119ad.
Revert "translate to Chinese,v2.1"
This reverts commit 00bcfff2fe2769bc7780a57af44763cb7eaa90e9.
futex is done, httpfs could receive care
translate to Chinese,v2.1
translate to Chinese ,v2
translate to Chinese
socket-wrapper also kills the session
add pygobject
GSoC 2016 student application period is over
open_issues/boehm_gc: d6c34577eeaba37ff08998d18676531082c040b6 (2016-03-18), 01d2509c13f3aa7e03cb4cbf50fda08f98725ce4 (2016-03-24)
open_issues/boehm_gc: Re-run after system updates
GSoC 2016
Don't specify multiple tags in taglink directives
Not sure if that is supposed to work; currently it doesn't render
Merge commit '38eb772d6b62b6678f11a8ce2c8e25cec8000804' into HEAD
drop problem that is now fixed
use kvm, not qemu
Merge branch 'master' of braunbox:~hurd-web/hurd-web
odd issues with the rsyslog testsuite
GSoC preparations
GSoC 2014, 2015
More FOSDEM 2016 notes, etc.
Merge commit 'e21fadaf306d17c53055153bd1fe3797886eeb26'; commit 'e164cc3bc34b10fb415d146dcc1db3abe12fb1d2' into HEAD
note trace/u to get userland backtrace
open_issues/gcc: Better align GNU/Hurd and GNU/Linux configurations
fixed issue
open_issues/gcc: bd5bb665eb00598666a8162c2440410a51eb9e7e (2016-02-20)
Prepare for gsoc 2016
apt seems fine now
open_issues/gcc: Switch to upstream sources
open_issues/gcc: Re-run after laplace.SCHWINGE system updates
open_issues/gcc: libjava LargeFile FAILs are gone
New Year procedure
Add fosdem 2016 link
fosdem 2016 is now past
Merge branch 'master' of braunbox:~hurd-web/hurd-web
add links
darnassus: sthttpd (thttpd) instead of apache2
fixed by 1a7e27057ed5974be103c60afecdc8aae691584f
document that the subversion testsuite kills the session
add fosdem 2016
add apt as problematic
update news about UTIME_*
open_issues/gcc: Re-run after system updates
open_issues/binutils: Forgot to update the build configuration a few times...
open_issues/binutils: binutils-gdb: e49433d22dae92a56ae15a8b5742cbf1f31d5fd1 (2015-08-19)
File some old notes
open_issues/binutils: binutils-gdb: ef8b8d4ad51c2b90e022c5442f60b39f05e38ef6 (2015-06-19)
open_issues/binutils: binutils-gdb: Re-run after system updates.
Merge commit 'eee40e0494f8fed4a5db166b3d15b54c0e89a186'
Merge commit '5185dcb07b18a3c23dbb721a8068b9af92349d47'
Merge commit 'c27bbcb3d543ba954d5c63c628b0077680f92371'
news/2015-10-31-releases: Fix links to release tarballs
Revert ""
This reverts commit b3a79b3c911871d9c678e3b621ebbce72f7cafbf.
update kernel version
Comment that Flávio is on UTIME_*; add ENOTDIR missing on cat /dev/null/
[ADA4HURD] - result of attempt_create_file implementation
[ADA4HURD] test result of create file with echo
Merge commit 'a26cfb9c30ab60ca71d84f86d002b718f351efdc'
public_hurd_boxen/installation/darnassus: detail modified ikiwiki package
public_hurd_boxen/installation/darnassus: post-update hook
public_hurd_boxen/installation/darnassus: Update.
socklog does not pose problem any more
idzebra doesn't seem to pose problems any more
emacs24 is posing problems
Mention issue with fifo perms
Remove the oom packages, Flavio's fix seem to have gotten rid of them
dro musescore, it's a make -j craziness
Add transcript link
Add dc15 links
Add dc15 links
[ADA4HURD] mkdir test for netfs_base
minor change to ada4hurd main page : mention how to run netfs tests
report result of an unimplemented mkdir
Add musescore
[ADA4HURD] report of 4rd write try with first write implementation, seems OK
[ADA4HURD] report of 3rd write try with set size minimal implementation
open_issues/binutils: binutils-gdb: 110f91128cf3e047eb1e04d346c27d71cc33fb9c (2015-04-19)