Getting Kawa

You can compile Kawa from the source distribution. Alternatively, you can install the pre-compiled binary distribution.

You can get Kawa sources and binaries from the Kawa ftp site, or from a mirror site.

The latest release of the Kawa source code is (To unpack .tar.gz files Windows users can use 7-Zip, which is Free Software.)

A ready-to-run .jar archive of the pre-compiled classes is in

Getting the development sources using SVN

The Kawa sources are managed using a Subversion (svn) repository. If you want the very latest version grab an svn client, and then check out the source using this command:

svn -q checkout svn:// kawa

Some corporate firewalls may block outgoing Subversion connections. If that case you should be able to access the Kawa Subversion repository using HTTP. (If you need to use an HTTP proxy, you can edit http-proxy-host and http-proxy-port in ~/.subversion/servers as described here.) Use this command instead:

svn -q checkout kawa

Once you have it checked out, you can keep it up-to-date with svn update.

You can also browse the svn archive via viewvc.