Liquid War 6
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  • Fast-paced tactical action. Control the movement of all your forces at the same time
  • Simple yet original game mechanics, discovered by Thomas Colcombet
  • 10 different teams, each with their own charactaristics and special attacks
  • 13 levels, each one twisting the gameplay in a new direction
  • 100+ more levels if you download the bonus pack
  • Levels can be created using simple image files
  • Lots of level design options: walls, edge wraparound, bridges, different speed, special areas such as glue or danger and varied army size and fighter behavior
  • Internationalization support, interface translated in French, Norwegian and Russian
  • Free Software, part of the GNU project (licence: GNU GPL v3+)


Below is a review by LGC, the original article might be found here.

You can also download the video in the following formats: Ogg Theora (58 Mb) and WebM (70 Mb). If you really can't view the video, please consider installing an Ogg Theora player, more informations on PlayOgg.



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GNU/Linux packages

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Bonus Level Pack - 100+ more levels!

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Latest news

May 2015: release of 0.6.3902. Bug-fix release, network connection works only at a prototype stage.


Liquid War 6 is blessed with really intensive documentation, descriping even the most ubscure .xml file. It can be found at

If you don't know where to start, read the user's manual.

Mailing lists

The main discussion list is <>. You can read Help-LiquidWar6 archives.

You're welcome to join it if you are interested in the game and want to participate or simply ask questions about it. There are also other mailing lists but the main discussion list is undoubtly the place to start with.


Liquid War 6 is currently being maintained by Christian Mauduit <>.

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