persistent_store Class Reference

#include <persist.h>

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Public Methods

void revoke ()
 Revoke the persistent store.

Protected Methods

void save (const unsigned char *object)
 Save the object.

int create (persist_id_t id, void *object, size_t len)
 Create or retrieve a persistent store.

 persistent_store ()
 persistent_store (persist_id_t id, void *object, size_t len)
 Declare a persistent object with external runtime storage.

Static Protected Methods

persistent_area_tfind_store (persist_id_t id)
 Find a persistent store given its id.

persistent_area_tallocate_store (persist_id_t id, size_t len)
 Allocate a persistent area for an store.

persistent_area_t start_area asm ("0xb000")
persistent_area_t end_area asm ("0xb200")

Protected Attributes


Private Methods

 persistent_store (const persistent_store &)
persistent_store & operator= (const persistent_store &)

Detailed Description

Persistent store class.

The persistent_store class is the root of persistent objects. The persistent objects are saved in a transparent manner in eeprom. When the program starts, objects are initialized with the persistent store.

The persistent_store class is not intended to be used as is. Use persistent_object or persistent classes instead.

See also:
persistent_object, persistent

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