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2 Invoking

Invoke proxyknife like this:

     ./proxyknife [OPTION]...

If proxyknife is invoked without arguments, it will read proxylist from the file named proxylist in the current directory. The result will be written to a file named proxyout in the current directory, together with the verbose output on screen.

To change the default parameters, switch the mode or invoke it for special purpose, you can do it in two ways: permanatly, add the setting to the start file (see Startup File), or specifying it on the command line. You can also specify the startup file (see Startup File) on the command line.

Some constants in the souce code:

     #define HTTP_GET 0
     #define HTTP_CONNECT 1
     #define SOCKS5_CONNECT 2
     #define SOCKS4_CONNECT 5
     #define HTTP_CONNECT_AUTH  11
     #define SOCKS5_CONNECT_AUTH 12
     #define DIRECT 21
     #define IN_FILE 0
     #define IN_HTTP 1
     #define LOGSTDERR "."

Please use the value but not the former string on command line or in startup file (see Startup File).