Qexo News and Change Summary

These changes are in more-or-less reverse chronological order, with the most recent changes first.

See also the list of general Kawa changes.

Qexo 1.9.1 (January 23, 2007)

Qexo 1.9.0 (January 21, 2007)

Changes from Kawa 1.7.90 to 1.8

Changes from Kawa 1.7 to 1.7.90

'M to N' is now empty if M > N, following the November '03 draft.

New Java api for evaluating Java expression with a given context sequence (item, position, size). See Running.html.

Much improved namespace support. Namespace attributes in a source xml document are remembered, and correctly serialized (printed). There is support for namespace undeclarations (as in the XML Namespaces 1.1 Candicate Recommendation). Copying element nodes (as needed when creating new element nodes with element constructors) should correctly copy the namespace declarations. Still missing is support for namespace attributes in element constructors.

Support compiled library modules: 'module' and 'import module' statements. Efficient cross-module calling. (Needs documentation.)

Proper QName handling of variable and function names.

Support absolute path expressions (starting with / or //).

Working general implementation of position() and last().

Handle the remaining XPath axes, such as parent and also all the optional axes (ancestor, following-sibling etc). (Because of the above changes, you may see a performance regression, as I concentrated on correctness and generality. I'll be gradually adding optimizations when I can.)

Implement 'at' (position) clause of FLWOR statement.

Implement 'some ... satisfies; and 'every ... satisfies'.

Various syntax changes for the August '03 draft:

For now, old syntax is handled quietly as well as new syntax. Later, a warning will become the default. Later still, the old syntax will go away!

distinct-nodes and various string functions are implemented.

The '|' or 'union' and 'intersect' and 'except' operators are implemented.

The 'declare xmlspace' declaration is implemented, which should now correctly handle "Boundary whitespace" in element constructors.

Optional function returns are now handled. Some type specifiers would generate bad bytecode; these should now be fixed.

Changes from Kawa 1.6.99 to 1.7.

Various XQuery changes, based on the May '03 specification:

Implemented define variable' except the external support.

Implemented the trace function.

Implemented the new comment syntax.

Supports the new element(name, *) type-specifier syntax.

Expanded string literal syntax, with references and doubled quotes.

Allow doc as synonym for document function.

Implemented the full 2-operand document function (now-deprecated, sigh).

Implemented base-uri support.

Per Bothner