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2.4.5 User Profiles

User profiles are per-user matching rules (see section Matching Rule). All incoming authentication requests are compared with the user profiles after they have passed both hints and huntgroups. radiusd selects the user profiles whose label matches the value of the User-Name attribute from the incoming request.

The selected profiles form the list of authentication rules for the request. In order for a profile to be selected, its label must either coincide literally with the User-Name value, or be one of the special labels, DEFAULT or BEGIN.

Rules in an authentication list are ordered as follows: first go all the profiles with the BEGIN label, followed by the profiles whose labels match the User-Name literally, followed finally by the rules labeled with the DEFAULT. (1)

Within each of the three sublists, the rules preserve the order in which they appear in the ‘raddb/users’ file. Once the list is constructed, it is scanned sequentially until the rule is found whose LHS matches the incoming request. If no such rule is found, the authentication fails. Otherwise, the contents of its RHS are appended to the reply list being constructed. If the RHS of the matched rule contains the attribute Fall-Through with the value Yes, the matching continues. When the list is exhausted, the authentication result is sent back to the NAS along with the A/V pairs collected in the reply list.

User profiles are defined in the ‘raddb/users’ file (see section User Profiles — ‘raddb/users).

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