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5.3 Localized URLs

Some articles and templates may contain diagrams or other images with English texts that call for translations. In order to make the translated versions appear in the respective translations, add a HTML comment like this to the English page:

<!-- GNUN: localize URL /philosophy/category.png,
 /licenses/template-diagram.png and /graphics/jesus-cartoon.jpg -->

The URLs are separated with spaces. One trailing comma at the end of every word is removed if present. Words without a dot, such as ‘and’, do not count as URLs; they are ignored.

Such comments will be extracted nightly and compiled into per-article lists of URLs in

At the end of every build GNUN will check if the respective philosophy/category.lang.png and other files are present in the working copy; then GNUN will substitute the references in the HTML file of the translation.

GNUN relies on URLs being absolute, starting from the root directory as suggested in the FSF HTML Style Sheet Guidelines.

Please be sure to also commit the images in their source form (typically, in SVG format). It’s important both for the English image so that the translators could derive their localized versions from it, and for the translations so that people could maintain them.