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6.2.3 The gnun-init-po Script

This script initializes a PO file using the POT generated with GNUN, and fills some fields in the header. It also optionally uses a compendium (or compendia) to fill translations.

gnun-init-po [OPTION...] POT

Specify a compendium to use. You can issue this option many times to use multiple compendia simultaneously. The suffix of compendium is used when the language suffix is not specified with the --language option.


Don’t add diffs to “previous” messages.

--team="team <list>"

Specify team’s name and mailing list.


Specify language suffix, e.g “bg”. The suffix also defines the name of the language which is used in some fields of PO file header.

--translator="full name <email>"

Specify translator.


Display copyright and version information and exit.


Display usage information and exit.

The PO file name is guessed from the name of POT and language suffix; the file is created in the current working directory.