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6.2.2 The gnun-diff-po Script

This script compares two versions of a PO file. It produces a HTML page with a table that contains original strings with highlighted differences of their translations.

If the sets of original strings in the input PO files differ, one of them will be merged with the other in order to eliminate the differences in the original strings.

The results are written to standard output. Example:

gnun-diff-po [OPTION...] PO_FILE1 PO_FILE2 > diff.html

Adjust the original strings of PO_FILE2 against PO_FILE1 when their sets differ. This is the default.


Adjust the original strings of PO_FILE1 against PO_FILE2 when their sets differ.


Suppress strings that don’t differ.


Specify the title of the output HTML page.


Display copyright and version information and exit.


Display usage information and exit.