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6.2.8 The gnun-validate-html Script

This is a Bash script whose purpose is to “validate” both the original and translated articles to make sure that they conform to the respective W3C standard. Sometimes webmasters make mistakes, and translators too, so this tool is useful to catch errors of that kind.

GNUN enforces HTML validation at build time by default.

The script expects only one file as the last argument and will exit with an error if it is not specified (which might be the case when an automatic variable is not expanded properly due to a bug in the makefile). Example:

gnun-validate-html --root . philosophy/free-sw.html

Specify the top directory of the working copy; the default value is ../...


Save the expanded HTML as file.


Specify additional (or override assumed) emulated predefined Apache variables.


Produce more detailed output intended for automatic email reports; essentially, it adds the expanded HTML to facilitate finding errors by people who receive the report.


Display copyright and version information and exit.


Display usage information and exit.