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4.10 Related Mailing Lists

Here is a summary of the mailing lists relevant to the translation process, and a brief description about how they relate to the various participants in the process.

The basic discussion list of the GNU Webmasters. All team leaders are required to subscribe.

This is a private mailing list.

Commits to the ‘www’ repository are sent here. All Translation Managers are required to subscribe. It is strongly recommended that team leaders subscribe—in any case they should, and mail delivery can be disabled personally.

This is a public mailing list, so everyone can subscribe and review the archives. The ‘www’ CVS repository is also public.

The main discussion list for the GNU Web Translators. Team leaders must subscribe, as errors from GNUN are mailed here. It’s highly recommended that active team members join as well, because the changes in general policies for translations are also announced and discussed here.

This is a private mailing list.

This is a list for notifications about GNUnited Nations releases. It is not mandatory to subscribe to it, although the traffic is very low. If you want to track only GNUN release announcements, subscribe to the ‘gnun’ topic via Mailman’s user interface.

Automatic announcements for new translations (provided they’re handled by GNUN) are also delivered here. There are separate ‘lang-ann’ topics for every GNUN-aware language, so it is a good idea to advertise this capability widely among your local community. For example, if a reader wants to be informed only about new Spanish translations, she can just subscribe to the ‘es-ann’ mailing list topic.

This is a public mailing list.

All development of GNUN happens here. Commits to the ‘trans-coord’ repository are also sent to this list.

This is a public list, and is an alias.

This is a tracker for GNU Webmasters. It is used for bug reports and other suggestions for (English) web pages.

This is a private tracker.

This is the tracker and the primary contact of GNU Web Translation Managers. It is used for bug reports against translations and submitting new translations for the languages lacking an active team, requests for help from the teams and various translation-related requests from GNU people.

This is a private tracker.

Every team should also use at least one mailing list on Savannah, see Managing Mailing Lists.

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