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4.11 Savannah Project Membership

Participants in the translation process normally have to be members of the following Savannah projects, depending on the case:


The main project which hosts the ‘’ Web repository. Administrators are the Chief Webmaster, entrusted webmasters and the Translation Manager (in order to approve leaders’ applications). All team leaders (and co-leaders) should be members of this project.

Note that this project has no direct relation to translators, although almost anything happening in ‘www’ directly affects them. The ‘www’ project is managed separately and has a different (entirely unrelated) process for approving contributors.


An organizational project especially created for co-ordination and improvement of the translation process. All team leaders are required to be members, as bugs reported to are often redirected to the ‘trans-coord’ ‘Bugs’ tracker.

The admins of this project are the GNU Web Translation Managers.


All translation team leaders of the language lang should be admins of the project ‘www-lang’. The leaders may also appoint some other members as ‘www-lang’ admins for team’s internal reasons.