A Reason for Celebration

Forty years ago, Richard Stallman announced the plan to develop the GNU operating system, which would be entirely composed of free software. The existence of a free operating system would enable people to operate their computers in freedom, throwing off the power of the developers of nonfree software.

The GNU Project has also built the global free software movement.

On September 27th 2023 the GNU community met in Biel/Bienne to celebrate this occasion, and help build a future where users' computing freedom extends further than ever.

Group picture © Théo Bondolfi 2023, CC BY-SA 4.0


This event was hosted by GNUnet e.V. and organized with the help of volunteers from around the world.


NLnet foundation NGI Zero decided to make a donation to support the event which basically covered half of our expenses. Thanks a lot! NLnet foundation is a great long-term supporter of Free Software, and they are hiring technology assessors for their grantmaking process. If you are looking for a job to support Free Software at large, please check them out!


09:15: "The FSFE's Work: An Overview for Free Software Hackers" by Matthias Kirschner - (Video File) | (Slides)

10:00: "GNU Anastasis" by Christian Grothoff - (Video File)

10:15: "The GNU Name System" by Martin Schanzenbach - (Video File) | (Slides)

10:45: "The Next 40 years of Free Software - Nextcloud's Priority Areas to Maximize Impact" by Björn Schießle - (Video File) | (Slides)

11:30: "Widening the picture of the GNU Project's goals" by Panos Alevropoulos - (Video File) | (Slides)

13:00: GNU Taler by Florian Dold and Isidor Wallimann - - (Video File) | (Slides)

13:45: Laudatio by Jörg Mäder (Swiss Parliament) - (Video File)

14:00: Keynote: "Freedom in computing, 40 years after starting to really protect it." by Richard Stallman, the founder of GNU - (Video File) | (Q and A Session)

15:00: GNU Health by Luis Falcon - (Video File) | (Slides)

16:00: GNU Jami by Sébastien Blin - (Video File) | (Slides)

16:35: GNU Jitter by Luca Saiu - (Video File) | (Slides)

17:00: "The Libre-SOC Project" by Tobias Platen - (Video File) | (Slides)

17:30: "GNU poke: Introduction and Examples for using GNU poke for testing protocols and formats" by Mohammad-Reza Nabipoor - (Video File)

19:30: "How the GNU webmaster team works" by Jason Self - (Video File) | (Slides)

20:00: Closing remarks by Richard Stallman, the founder of GNU - (Video File)

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