About GNU Servers

We have rules for official GNU and FSF IRC channels.

We have information and advice for those wishing to mirror ftp.gnu.org. (We no longer suggest mirroring www.gnu.org.)

For designing and authoring our web pages, we follow certain style guidelines. If you would like to help, we have a list of tasks that need to be done on this web site (and in other areas of the GNU Project). All our pages are Best Viewed with Any Browser.

Just as we do not install proprietary software, we have a policy of not making links to pages that promote proprietary programs. We cannot make proprietary software disappear by not talking about it; information about proprietary software is widely available, and people who want it will get it somehow. But we prefer not to be participants in the process of advertising proprietary software.

We also confine all links to text that is commercial in its tone to a few of our pages, where the topic makes such links appropriate. This is so we can avoid appearing to share the widespread assumption that money and business are the highest value in life.

Only free software is used on this computer. The web server is the Apache web server, which is distributed under the Apache license (a free software license). To support this server, we also use other free software developed by GNU volunteers and we maintain a list of such software.

We currently host through TowardEX and the Markley Group, who have graciously donated the bandwidth and colocation space for this system.

The operating system is Trisquel GNU/Linux, which is one example of a GNU/Linux system. Trisquel GNU/Linux is listed on our list of free GNU/Linux-distributions.

This article points out an insight that helps explain why we want the sort of site we want.