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B.9 Concept Index

This is an alphabetical list of the files, tools, and concepts introduced in this document.

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Index Entry  Section

"$@": Shell Substitutions

$((expression)): Shell Substitutions
$(commands): Shell Substitutions
$<, explicit rules, and VPATH: $< in Explicit Rules
${#var}: Shell Substitutions
${var##word}: Shell Substitutions
${var#word}: Shell Substitutions
${var%%word}: Shell Substitutions
${var%word}: Shell Substitutions
${var+value}: Shell Substitutions
${var-value}: Shell Substitutions
${var:+value}: Shell Substitutions
${var:+value}: Shell Substitutions
${var:-value}: Shell Substitutions
${var:-value}: Shell Substitutions
${var:=value}: Shell Substitutions
${var:=value}: Shell Substitutions
${var:?value}: Shell Substitutions
${var:?value}: Shell Substitutions
${var=expanded-value}: Shell Substitutions
${var=literal}: Shell Substitutions
${var=value}: Shell Substitutions
${var=value}: Shell Substitutions
${var?value}: Shell Substitutions

64-bit libraries: Site Defaults

@%:@: Quadrigraphs
@&t@: Quadrigraphs
@:>@: Quadrigraphs
@:}@: Quadrigraphs
@<:@: Quadrigraphs
@S|@: Quadrigraphs
@{:@: Quadrigraphs

^ quoting: Shell Substitutions

_m4_divert_diversion: New Macros

`commands`: Shell Substitutions

absolute file names, detect: File System Conventions
abs_builddir: Preset Output Variables
abs_srcdir: Preset Output Variables
abs_top_builddir: Preset Output Variables
abs_top_srcdir: Preset Output Variables
acconfig.h: acconfig Header
aclocal.m4: Making configure Scripts
ac_aux_dir: Input
ac_objext: Generic Functions
ac_path_variable: Generic Programs
ac_path_variable_found: Generic Programs
ac_srcdir: Configuration Actions
ac_top_build_prefix: Configuration Actions
ac_top_srcdir: Configuration Actions
Ash: Shellology
at_arg_option: Writing Testsuites
at_arg_option: Writing Testsuites
at_optarg: Writing Testsuites
at_optarg: Writing Testsuites
at_optarg_option: Writing Testsuites
at_status: Writing Testsuites
autoconf: autoconf Invocation
Autoconf upgrading: Autoconf 1
Autoconf upgrading: Autoconf 2.13
Autoconf version: Versioning
autoheader: autoheader Invocation
Autoheader macros: Autoheader Macros
autom4te debugging tips: Debugging via autom4te
Autom4te Library: autom4te Invocation
autom4te.cache: autom4te Invocation
autom4te.cfg: autom4te Invocation
Automake: Automake
Automatic remaking: Automatic Remaking
automatic rule rewriting and VPATH: Automatic Rule Rewriting
autopoint: autoreconf Invocation
autoreconf: autoreconf Invocation
autoscan: autoscan Invocation
Autotest: Using Autotest
AUTOTEST_PATH: testsuite Invocation
autoupdate: autoupdate Invocation

balancing parentheses: Balancing Parentheses
Bash: Shellology
Bash 2.05 and later: Shellology
bindir: Installation Directory Variables
Bootstrap: Bootstrapping
BSD make and obj/: obj/ and Make
buffer overruns: Buffer Overruns
Build directories: Build Directories
builddir: Preset Output Variables

C function portability: Function Portability
C types: Types
Cache: Caching Results
Cache variable: Cache Variable Names
Cache, enabling: configure Invocation
Canonical system type: Canonicalizing
carriage return, deleting: Limitations of Usual Tools
CFLAGS: Preset Output Variables
changequote: Changequote is Evil
Coding style: Coding Style
Command Substitution: Shell Substitutions
command-line, macros set on: Command-line Macros and whitespace
Commands for configuration: Configuration Commands
Comments in Makefile macros: Comments in Make Macros
Comments in Makefile rules: Comments in Make Rules
Common autoconf behavior: Common Behavior
Compilers: Compilers and Preprocessors
composing variable names: Polymorphic Variables
config.h: Configuration Headers acconfig Header Header Templates acconfig Header Site Defaults
config.status: config.status Invocation
config.sub: Specifying Target Triplets
Configuration actions: Configuration Actions
Configuration commands: Configuration Commands
Configuration file creation: Configuration Files
Configuration Header: Configuration Headers
Configuration Header Template: Header Templates
Configuration links: Configuration Links
configure: Making configure Scripts
configure: Running configure Scripts
Configure subdirectories: Subdirectories Making configure Scripts Writing Autoconf Input
configure_input: Preset Output Variables
CONFIG_COMMANDS: Obsolete config.status Use
CONFIG_FILES: Obsolete config.status Use
CONFIG_HEADERS: Obsolete config.status Use
CONFIG_LINKS: Obsolete config.status Use
CONFIG_SHELL: config.status Invocation
CONFIG_STATUS: config.status Invocation
Copyright Notice: Notices
Copyright Notice: Writing Testsuites
CPPFLAGS: Preset Output Variables
Creating configuration files: Configuration Files
Creating temporary files: Limitations of Usual Tools
Cross compilation: Hosts and Cross-Compilation
CXXFLAGS: Preset Output Variables

Darwin: Systemology
Data structure, set: Set manipulation Macros
datadir: Installation Directory Variables
datarootdir: Changed Directory Variables
datarootdir: Installation Directory Variables
debugging tips: Debugging via autom4te
Declaration, checking: Declarations
Default includes: Default Includes
DEFS: Preset Output Variables
deleting carriage return: Limitations of Usual Tools
Dependencies between macros: Dependencies Between Macros
descriptors: File Descriptor Macros
Descriptors: File Descriptors
Directories, build: Build Directories
Directories, installation: Installation Directory Variables
division, integer: Signed Integer Division
dnl: Macro Definitions
dnl: Coding Style
docdir: Installation Directory Variables
double-colon rules and VPATH: VPATH and Double-colon
dvidir: Installation Directory Variables

ECHO_C: Preset Output Variables
ECHO_N: Preset Output Variables
ECHO_T: Preset Output Variables
Endianness: C Compiler
environment, macros set from: Command-line Macros and whitespace
Erlang: Erlang Compiler and Interpreter
Erlang, Library, checking: Erlang Libraries
ERLANG_INSTALL_LIB_DIR: Installation Directory Variables
ERLANG_INSTALL_LIB_DIR_library: Installation Directory Variables
ERLCFLAGS: Preset Output Variables
exec_prefix: Installation Directory Variables
exiting portably: Exiting Portably
expanded before required: Expanded Before Required
explicit rules, $<, and VPATH: $< in Explicit Rules
External software: External Software

F77: Fortran Compiler
FCFLAGS: Preset Output Variables
FFLAGS: Preset Output Variables
FHS: Site Defaults
file descriptors: File Descriptor Macros
File descriptors: File Descriptors
File system conventions: File System Conventions
File, checking: Files
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard: Site Defaults
floating point: Floating Point Portability
Forbidden patterns: Forbidden Patterns
Fortran: Fortran Compiler
Function, checking: Particular Functions

Gettext: autoreconf Invocation
GNU build system: The GNU Build System
Gnulib: Gnulib
Go: Go Compiler
GOFLAGS: Preset Output Variables

Header portability: Header Portability
Header templates: Header Templates
Header, checking: Header Files
Help strings: Pretty Help Strings
Here-documents: Here-Documents
History of autoconf: History
htmldir: Installation Directory Variables

ifnames: ifnames Invocation
Imake: Why Not Imake
includedir: Installation Directory Variables
Includes, default: Default Includes
indirection, variable name: Polymorphic Variables
infodir: Installation Directory Variables
input: File Descriptor Macros
Install prefix: Default Prefix
Installation directories: Installation Directory Variables
Instantiation: Output
integer overflow: Integer Overflow
integer overflow: Integer Overflow Basics
integer overflow: Signed Overflow Examples
integer overflow: Signed Overflow Advice
Introduction: Introduction
invoking the shell: Invoking the Shell

Korn shell: Shellology
Ksh: Shellology

Language: Language Choice
Large file support: System Services
LDFLAGS: Preset Output Variables
LFS: System Services
lib64: Site Defaults
libdir: Installation Directory Variables
libexecdir: Installation Directory Variables
Library, checking: Libraries
LIBS: Preset Output Variables
Libtool: Libtool
License: Distributing
Limitations of make: Portable Make
Limitations of shell builtins: Limitations of Builtins
Limitations of usual tools: Limitations of Usual Tools
Links: Configuration Links
Links for configuration: Configuration Links
Listing directories: Limitations of Usual Tools
localedir: Installation Directory Variables
localstatedir: Installation Directory Variables
loop induction: Optimization and Wraparound
low-level output: File Descriptor Macros

M4: Programming in M4
M4 quotation: M4 Quotation
M4sugar: Programming in M4sugar
m4sugar debugging tips: Debugging via autom4te
Macros, called once: One-Shot Macros
Macros, obsoleting: Obsoleting Macros
Macros, ordering: Suggested Ordering
Macros, prerequisites: Prerequisite Macros
make -k: make -k Status
make and MAKEFLAGS: The Make Macro MAKEFLAGS
make and SHELL: The Make Macro SHELL
Makefile macros and comments: Comments in Make Macros
Makefile macros and whitespace: Trailing whitespace in Make Macros
Makefile rules and comments: Comments in Make Rules
Makefile rules and newlines: Newlines in Make Rules
Makefile substitutions: Makefile Substitutions
MAKEFLAGS and make: The Make Macro MAKEFLAGS
Making directories: Limitations of Usual Tools
mandir: Installation Directory Variables
Messages, from configure: Printing Messages
Messages, from M4sugar: Diagnostic Macros
Moving open files: Limitations of Usual Tools

newline, deleting: Limitations of Usual Tools
Newlines in Makefile rules: Newlines in Make Rules
Notices in configure: Notices
null pointers: Null Pointers

obj/, subdirectory: obj/ and Make
OBJCFLAGS: Preset Output Variables
OBJCXXFLAGS: Preset Output Variables
Obsolete constructs: Obsolete Constructs
Obsoleting macros: Obsoleting Macros
obstack: Particular Functions
oldincludedir: Installation Directory Variables
One-shot macros: One-Shot Macros
Options, package: Package Options
Options, Package: Option Checking
Ordering macros: Suggested Ordering
Output variables: Preset Output Variables
Output variables: Setting Output Variables
Output variables, special characters in: Special Chars in Variables
output, low-level: File Descriptor Macros
Outputting files: Output
overflow, signed integer: Integer Overflow
overflow, signed integer: Integer Overflow Basics
overflow, signed integer: Signed Overflow Examples
overflow, signed integer: Signed Overflow Advice

Package options: Package Options
package.m4: Making testsuite Scripts
Parallel make: Parallel Make
parentheses, balancing: Balancing Parentheses
Patterns, forbidden: Forbidden Patterns
pdfdir: Installation Directory Variables
polymorphic variable name: Polymorphic Variables
portability: Varieties of Unportability
Portability of C functions: Function Portability
Portability of headers: Header Portability
Portable C and C++ programming: Portable C and C++
Portable shell programming: Portable Shell
positional parameters: Shell Substitutions
Posix termios headers: System Services
Precious Variable: Setting Output Variables
prefix: Installation Directory Variables
Prefix for install: Default Prefix
preprocessor arithmetic: Preprocessor Arithmetic
Preprocessors: Compilers and Preprocessors
prerequisite directories and VPATH: Tru64 Directory Magic
Prerequisite macros: Prerequisite Macros
Program names, transforming: Transforming Names
Programs, checking: Alternative Programs
psdir: Installation Directory Variables

QNX 4.25: Systemology
quadrigraphs: Quadrigraphs
quotation: Autoconf Language
quotation: M4 Quotation

Remaking automatically: Automatic Remaking
Revision: Notices
Rule, Single Suffix Inference: Single Suffix Rules
runstatedir: Installation Directory Variables

sbindir: Installation Directory Variables
Separated Dependencies: Single Suffix Rules
set -b: Limitations of Builtins
set -e: Limitations of Builtins
set -m: Limitations of Builtins
set -n: Limitations of Builtins
Set manipulation: Set manipulation Macros
sharedstatedir: Installation Directory Variables
SHELL and make: The Make Macro SHELL
Shell assignments: Assignments
Shell builtins: Limitations of Builtins
Shell file descriptors: File Descriptors
Shell Functions: Shell Functions
Shell here-documents: Here-Documents
shell invocation: Invoking the Shell
Shell parentheses: Parentheses
Shell pattern matching: Shell Pattern Matching
Shell slashes: Slashes
Shell substitutions: Shell Substitutions
Shell variables: Special Shell Variables
Shellology: Shellology
Signal handling in the shell: Signal Handling
Signals, shells and: Signal Handling
signed integer overflow: Integer Overflow
signed integer overflow: Integer Overflow Basics
signed integer overflow: Signed Overflow Examples
signed integer overflow: Signed Overflow Advice
Single Suffix Inference Rule: Single Suffix Rules
Site defaults: Site Defaults
Site details: Site Details
Special shell variables: Special Shell Variables
srcdir: Configuration Actions
srcdir: Preset Output Variables
standard input: File Descriptor Macros
Standard symbols: Standard Symbols
Structure, checking: Structures
Subdirectory configure: Subdirectories
Substitutions in makefiles: Makefile Substitutions
Symbolic links: Limitations of Usual Tools
sysconfdir: Installation Directory Variables
System type: Specifying Target Triplets
System type: Canonicalizing
Systemology: Systemology

Target triplet: Specifying Target Triplets
termios Posix headers: System Services
test group: testsuite Scripts
testsuite: testsuite Scripts
testsuite: testsuite Invocation
timestamp resolution: Limitations of Usual Tools
timestamp resolution: Limitations of Usual Tools
timestamp resolution: Timestamps and Make
tmp: Configuration Actions
top_builddir: Preset Output Variables
top_build_prefix: Preset Output Variables
top_srcdir: Preset Output Variables
Transforming program names: Transforming Names
Types: Types

unbalanced parentheses, managing: Balancing Parentheses
undefined macro: New Macros
Unix version 7: Systemology
Unordered set manipulation: Set manipulation Macros
Upgrading autoconf: Autoconf 1
Upgrading autoconf: Autoconf 2.13

V7: Systemology
variable name indirection: Polymorphic Variables
variable names, composing: Polymorphic Variables
Variable, Precious: Setting Output Variables
variables and VPATH: Variables listed in VPATH
Version: Versioning
version, Autoconf: Versioning
volatile objects: Volatile Objects
VPATH and automatic rule rewriting: Automatic Rule Rewriting
VPATH and double-colon rules: VPATH and Double-colon
VPATH and prerequisite directories: Tru64 Directory Magic
VPATH and variables: Variables listed in VPATH
VPATH, explicit rules, and $<: $< in Explicit Rules
VPATH, resolving target pathnames: Make Target Lookup

whitespace in command-line macros: Command-line Macros and whitespace
whitespace in Makefile macros: Trailing whitespace in Make Macros
wraparound arithmetic: Integer Overflow
wraparound arithmetic: Integer Overflow Basics
wraparound arithmetic: Signed Overflow Examples
wraparound arithmetic: Signed Overflow Advice

X Window System: System Services

Zsh: Shellology

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